Young Ho Lee’s Letter

August 2018

Greetings from South Korea.

It was very sad to hear of Dr. Wade’s home going recently. Dr. Wade labored and spent his lifetime in order to propagate the Gospel of Christ. His testimony has been a great influence upon our ministry. We do miss him greatly but praise God we have a hope of reunion soon. We are praying that the Lord’s presence will be with Mrs. Wade during this time of bereavement.

Praise God for His wonderful grace bestowed on my life and because of it I am still able to preach the Word for His glory. Though being physically limited, I thank God for the strength and God given fervent desire which enables me to keep on keeping on, serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel here in South Korea. We are trying to get ready for a baptismal service and the Lord’s Supper this month. We are going to observe and obey His commandment given to New Testament, Baptist churches.

All of our family is living here in Korea now. Two daughters, a son, and six grandchildren are here in Korea. They need your prayers that they may stay close to God and maintain a good relationship with almighty God.

We are deeply grateful for your support and prayers for our ministry through many years. I believe that we have a God who does recompense for our labour of love and all of your investments made in our work in South Korea.

Because of Calvary,
Young Ho and Cathy Lee
Your Missionaries in Korea

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