Young Ho Lee – March Prayer Letter

March 2020

The Young Ho Lee Family – Missionaries to Korea
June 25, 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea.

50,000 US soldiers and 1 million South Koreans lost their lives during the Korean War. The Korean peninsula was totally devastated but they cried and called upon God and He showed His mercy and compassion. God made Korea prosperous, but they abandoned the Lord; but God is trying to bring them back again unto Him.

We are made humble again through this corona virus. The Korean people are under fear of death and dying every day. We do covet your prayers for us. Many churches are closed because of corona virus, but we continued services as usual, trusting the Lord is our shield and defense.

We had a special speaker last Sunday service by the name of Bro Yoon. He was saved and baptized at Calvary Baptist Church, which is our first church established in Korea. We need your prayers for this preacher.

Cathy and I are still trying to stay faithful in His work here in Korea, looking forward to His coming for us. We do owe you a great love of Calvary and supports.
Because of Calvary,
Young Ho and Cathy Lee
Your Missionaries in Korea

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