Valbuena Notes for September

September 2022

Dear Friends,

We are sending greetings, once again, from the Valbuenas. What a blessing to finally arrive back in the US without any hassles or trouble. We had a very good flight from the Philippines to Houston, Texas. Our Son, Rod, and his family, were awaiting us at the airport. What a joy to see our son Rod, daughter-in-law Gabby and our dear grandson Adino. They took us straight to IHOP, one of our all-time favorites! 😊

Back in the Philippines, we are blessed to know that the ministry is in capable hands. Our eldest child, Hannah, and her husband Ruel, have been doing an excellent job managing the daily operations of the children’s home and Academy. Ruel is also part of the Project Dorcas team which goes out every morning for our 200-day feeding. Our third child, Timothy, and his wife Bianca, have stepped up and have been doing great as directors of the AMAGOH Bible Basketball Ministry. Bianca is also a tremendous help in the Academy. Our online bible studies are really growing, and we praise God for that.

Prior to leaving for the US, we began holding daily bible studies via google meet which we have been able to continue even though we are thousands of miles away. The church and outreach mission churches are thriving under the leadership of the men trained in our Bible Institute.

I have several prayer requests that I wish to share with you, and pray that you will join us in praying for these things. Our daughter, Hannah, is due to give birth in November and our daughter-in-law, Gabby, in January 2023. Hannah will be travelling in the next few weeks to come to the US to give birth. She will be nearly 8 months at that time and will be travelling with her four year old son, Moses. The reason behind Hannah’s waiting to travel so late in her pregnancy was due to waiting for Moses to get a visa to travel, which he finally got this week. Ruel will not be able to accompany them since he is still waiting for his visa, but they are trusting God’s timing and plan. You may recall, from 4 years ago, when Hannah gave birth to Moses, it was a complicated birth and we nearly lost baby Moses. God has been gracious to Hannah and her family, and we trust that God will continue to be gracious to them! I ask that you also pray that Ruel and Hannah may be able to raise support as missionaries. This will make them third generation missionaries, which we thank God for.

Project Dorcas : Feeding & Evangelism
Please pray for us while on furlough and that it will be fruitful, and the time well spent. We will be here until February 2023. We plan to mostly stay around Houston, where Rod and family are. Our daughter in law, Gab will also be giving birth in January. We would like to be able to present the ministry in the Philippines and raise funds for projects, but are very limited to how far we can travel. One of those projects that we would like to present is a kitchen for “PROJECT DORCAS.” As you may know one of the major branches of our “Project Dorcas” is the feeding of malnourished children and providing daily bible classes. The base of our food is the nutritional rice packs from Convoy of Hope. We have now reached out to schools and will be providing for children in the public school and will also hold bible classes. Now, Project Dorcas does not have its own kitchen and we have had to use my outdoor kitchen to do all our cooking. With the massive cooking that is done daily it would be highly beneficial to have a special kitchen for Project Dorcas.

Once again, the Lord has allowed us to rent a van from Righteous Rides Ministry to use while on furlough. Unlike in the past where Righteous Ride includes the cost of car Insurance in the monthly rent, this time we had to acquire our own car insurance. Although we are not doing as much traveling this time, it has been quite expensive here in the US, especially with the added extra cost of a vehicle and insurance.

Sam and Eliza have been enjoying the US and seeing cousins, old friends and meeting new ones. They have also had the opportunity to visit the “Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio” during our home school field trip. It was a heartbreaking experience for them and yet very educational.

In closing I want to thank you all so very much for all your support and love for our family and the ministry. May God bless you and keep you.
In Christ’s love,
Rodrigo (Odek )& Annalisa Valbuena

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