Urgent Update from the McCoys

November 2021

Urgent Ministry Update


  • God’s Faithfulness!
  • Support Steady
  • Witness opportunities

Prayer Requests

  • For Family – very emotional time
  • International relocation process
  • Find right house in central Florida
  • Upcoming meetings
  • 1st trip to Caribbean end Jan

Dear Pastors and Partners,

Through much prayer and counsel we the McCoys have decided to leave Costa Rica by years end. Here the pandemic continues on and government mandates and restrictions are on the increase. The government has mandated the experimental Covid 19 vaccination for everyone 12 years and older. Starting Dec 1st it is recommended to be fully vaccinated to enter most businesses. The exceptions are the bank, grocery store, pharmacy, and church. Beginning Jan 7th it will be required and a QR code vaccine passport will be the only way to get in any other place. We are not anti vax per se, but at the same time, we have had the virus and recovered, and according to many medical professionals in the U.S. and Costa Rica, we are told we do not need the vaccine and should not get it. We were coming back to the U.S. mid Dec for time with our family already so we will not return to Costa Rica to live. We plan to continue our practical training work based somewhere in central Florida. We are working with five pastors and three laymen and the seminary in Costa Rica and instructor certifying them to continue the vocational training center and we will stay involved in that work ongoing. In our praying God has opened some new doors for us that will allow us to continue in the Lord’s army, not quitting but re-enlisting and signing up for another term and changing duty stations and relocating. The seminary is working to get into some other countries in the near future and we are beginning the process to join forces with Caribbean Partnership Missions in central Florida. They have the same ministry focus and vision as ours and already provide training to nationals in other Latin American countries and the Caribbean Islands and provide response and relief efforts in times of disaster. We have several meetings with our new team the first week of Jan 2022 to work out the specifics and get to work. Like never before we need your prayers. We believe this transition will give us more ministry abroad and allow us to be the difference makers we desire to be. Our sending church and several other veteran pastors and missionaries are behind our decision and are fully supportive. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call me or anyone listed below.

In Christ,
Kevin McCoy


Dr Denis Daniel
Gulf Coast Baptist Church
Sending church

Dr Jonathan White
Iglesia Bautista Calvario de San Ramon
CR pastor

Mike Coupe
Caribbean Partnership Mission

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