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Late April 2021

Subic Bay Children’s Home

Dear Friends,

This past week has been a very trying week and very different from anything we have ever experienced. Many of our staff and children were getting terribly sick and then many of our church members as well. Last Wednesday one of our girls in the home gave us a scare when her hands suddenly stiffened and we rushed her to the hospital.  A COVID test was immediately done and we got the results a few hours later which confirmed that she had contracted the virus. At the moment we are in strict lockdown with no one going in or out of the girls’ compound, as well as the boys’ compound, with the exception of one of our staff who does the purchasing of supplies. The virus has spread and nearly all of us are showing symptoms. We have been going out in the yard to get plenty of sunlight and taking vitamin c. The Lord is good and so far we have not needed to go to the hospital including Nanay (Mother) Ligaya or Tatay (Father) Ted. Please continue to pray for us and that this virus would soon leave us and that we will continue to regain our strength.

In Christ Name,
Annalisa Fulfer-Valbuena

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