The Valbuenas’ Latest Letter

June 2022

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Philippines! I just wanted to put together a brief update outlining some of the amazing things the Lord is doing here in the ministry. Before I do so I want to thank you all for your faithful prayers and support!

The Lord has entrusted us with 52 Children in Subic Bay Children’s Home and we thank God for his provision. The children come to us with many issues and we ask for continuous prayers in dealing with them in truth and grace. Behind every beautiful smile and cute face lurks a heartbreaking experience. There are many fears and insecurities that need to be overcome.

We praise God for our son Timothy who has a passion for basketball and seeing young people saved. He has taken over the bible basketball ministry and has brought it to a whole different level of excellence. Throughout the year he has leagues and clinics where the boys learn basketball skills and godly character. The Word of God is preached during all leagues and after each of the clinic sessions. This is a great tool for evangelism since Filipinos are obsessed with basketball as you will see a makeshift court at almost every corner. When there is a league people in the hundreds will flock to the court to watch the game. The bible basketball ministry is named AMAGOH which stands for A Man After God’s Own Heart.

Our eldest child, Hannah, and her husband Ruel, who handle the everyday operations of Subic Bay Children’s Home plan to go to the US soon. Hannah is three months pregnant with their second child and, Lord willing, will go to the US to give birth there. There were so many complications with her giving birth to Moses, their first baby, here in the Philippines, and now there is the issue of getting documents for Moses to travel to the US. I ask that you just pray with us about the documents/visa for Moses as well as for our son-in-law Ruel. It would be difficult for Hannah to travel to the US without her son and husband and be apart from them until the birth of their baby.

Annalisa and I praise and thank God for the help we receive from our children and their spouses. We have been able too direct more of our focus and time to the other ministries. The church planting ministry has seen a great boost in quality and quantity in the past year. So much that we have a good problem which is a need for more space. Please do pray for our outreach churches which are six at the moment. Every Sunday these outreach churches run close to 50 people each. We would like to build each of these churches a church building made out of concrete and tin roofing. To do so it will cost $7,000 dollars each. Please be in prayer for this and we are so grateful for it.

The Philippine National Police Ministry has expanded and we now hold bible studies in 5 different precincts. I am often called upon to do the invocation during Philippine National Police ceremonies and I am able to always read a passage of scripture prior to the prayer. Several officers have surrendered their will to our Lord Jesus Christ and received him as their savior. One officer, Police Sergeant Christopher Sayson, is seriously inquiring about enrolling in our Bible Institute. It is just amazing to see the Lord at work in his life.

The Project Dorcas is such a blessing to us and to hundreds of suffering families around us. We are now on the 120th day of our 200 day feeding program for 200 undernourished children. We have seen a great improvement in their weight and health as well as their spiritual lives. Our Sunday school program has boomed and we have outgrown the Sunday school meeting area.

We praise God for those individuals and churches that have pledged and donated towards the building of our Sunday school rooms. We have finished 75% of our building and we are just excited and anticipating the completion. Please do pray for this project and that funds will continue to come in so that we will not need to stop, most especially since the rainy season is right upon us.

I know I said in the beginning that this would be a brief update so I apologize that it has actually turned out to be rather lengthy. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this. Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support!

In Christ Name,
Bro. Valbuena & Family
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