The Valbuenas in December

December 2022


Dear Friends,

Warm greetings! I pray you are well and fully enjoying the love and goodness of God.

We are here in the state of Texas spending as much time we can with our son Rod and his wife Gabby and their son, Adino, before we return to the Philippines in February. We are looking forward to the birth of their second son this coming January 2023.

Our eldest, Hannah and her four year old son, Moses, flew into Houston last October. Hannah was 8 months pregnant during their travel and we praise God for being with them. Hannah gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Nov. 7 in Galveston, TX. We praise God for the life of Hannah and her husband Ruel who surrendered to full time ministry. Ruel is still in the Philippines awaiting his visa to enter the US. Please do pray for them to be reunited soon. If you’re looking for another missionary to support please consider Ruel and Hannah Villamiel.

Our son, Timothy, and his wife, Bianca, are a blessing to the ministry. Timothy has been entrusted with our Bible Basketball Ministry (AMAGOH) and has really taken it to new heights. Young boys are filling up our church and hearing the gospel through this effort. Bianca is doing a great job in the music department of our church, children’s home and Academy.

We thank and praise God for our two youngest, Samuel and Elizabeth, who seek ways to help out. They are both very reliable caretakers of their nieces and nephews. Hannah has joyfully sung at several churches where we have presented while we are here in the US, and Samuel happily sets up our display boards. Please do remember them in your prayers and their home school studies and activities.

In the last few years we have had six different churches drop our support. Three of the churches are in CA, one in TX, and the others in FL and MO. We know that God is always in control and we praise him for the most recent church support additions, Rebecca Creek Baptist Church in San Antonio, and Trinity Baptist Church in Texas City, TX.

We praise God that he has allowed us to see young people in our various ministries get saved and we have been able to disciple and train them for the ministry. I regularly have conference calls and exchange messages with those in the Philippines and we praise God that the ministry is in capable hands while we are here in the US.

Pastor JM, our outreach pastor, was a fruit of the Bible Basketball ministry where he was saved. Soon after, he enrolled in our Bible Institute and graduated in 2017. He has taken over my responsibilities while I am here in the US. Maribel, who was a six year old street child that Annalisa met begging in the market, is now 21. She is our children’s home secretary. Abigail, who was passed from one orphanage to the next until we took her in at 6 yrs. old, is now 22. She is the children’s home kitchen manager. Leonilyn was taken in at 7 years old from living in the dumps of Manila. She is now 20 years old and is a blessing as the houseparent to the younger girls of the children’s home as well as the personal secretary of Pastor Ted Fulfer. Those are just a few of the children who grew up in SBCHome and are now serving God.

The Lord has truly blessed our efforts here in the US. We praise God for the churches that responded by financially giving towards the projects that we are trying to raise funds for. Most recently, Open Door Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL, committed to funding the buildings of our new church plant, as well as to install a new kitchen for our Project Dorcas ministry. Another church in Texas, Victory Bible Baptist Church, gave a portion towards the purchase of our return plane tickets. There are also two churches here in Texas, Bayou Drive Baptist Church and Grace Point, that so graciously put together several boxes of Christmas gifts and items to ship back to the children in the Philippines. A young couple from Wisconsin gave towards the Christmas as well. We are truly blessed!

Thank you so very much for your love, Prayers and Support! May God bless you, and may you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

The Valbuenas


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