The Songs May 2015 Letter

May 2015

Spring Greetings to you all!

George Washington depicted the strong bond displayed in Valley Forge unmistakably was due to the endurance and perseverance of his soldiers- which led to their ultimate victory of the Revolutionary War. Our deputation journey thus far somewhat mirrors the dips faced in Valley Forge, yet we strive to endure and persevere through our Lord as He ever so faithfully provides our needs. God has allowed us to be present in 8 missions’ conferences the past few months and we are humbly praising His name in that all 8 churches have taken us on for support- situating us now to 43% in 7 months!

Blessings follow deputation trails. Yet deterrents often shadow this journey as well. Being able to sit under the preaching of Dr. Sisk in conferences have encouraged and re-directed our focus back on the Lord’s faithfulness through the dry times we’ve encountered. The wonderful opportunities of being able to visit and fellowship with churches in CT, NC, VA, AR, FL, MS the past few months have also been of great blessings for our family. Brandon has been able to evangelize through door-knockings and teaching in Sunday schools. Rose and the girls have also had many opportunities to minister to ladies in churches through music, as well.

*Pray for the North Koreans under the ruthless dictatorship suffering from starvation in receiving only 400 grams of ration each day. *Pray for fellow laborers to join our team in Korea. *Pray for continual safety and health as we travel and finish deputation.

For the Lord,
Brandon, Rose, Lauren, Lyndsy and Lilyanne Song
Psalm 46:10

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