The Mortensons’ Prayer Letter Update

May 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for faithfully praying for our family. God is so good, and He continues to prove himself faithful, especially with all of the new situations we are facing. Because of the government mandated restrictions trying to minimize the spread of infection, we are still having online services only. This has presented many new learning experiences. I would say that almost every pastorand missionary is doing a lot of on the job technical training. And that the phrase “technical difficulties” is becoming part of normal vocabulary. Yet God’s Word continues to go out, and in many respects we really don’t know the impact or scope of how far the Lord is taking the message of the Gospel.

When the quarantine started so many things just had to be placed on hold. During this past month we have begun to do some of our more normal ministry activities but this time through the virtual platform. Please pray for grace, especially as we are speaking Spanish via technology which sometimes makes it harder to understand. Please also pray for grace because in a video format our deficiencies are exaggerated.

As I mentioned last month, this crisis has presented new economic struggles for many who were already struggling financially. God has been providing for these unusual needs through some very specific gifts from supporters in the States but also through several members of the church here. It should not surprise us at God’s provision, but sometimes it does. In reality it should encourage and challenge us to trust more fully in the Lord because of the example of others who are similarly experiencing pressure, yet trusting the Lord and giving by faith. Just like Paul said in 2 Corinthians 8:2 about the believers in Macedonia. It is very humbling and joyful to simply be a conduit of God’s provision for others.

With the restrictions we are all experiencing throughout the world I am sure everyone would heartily agree with the desire for things to get back to normal. But many have asked, so I wanted to share a glimpse of what our current normal looks like here. We are restricted from going to the grocery stores except on our assigned day (based on the last digit of our ID number), and vehicle occupants are limited to 2 per vehicle. We have also been able to use delivery services to have some items from the grocery store delivered to our home. All restaurants and most other businesses are closed completely. With these restrictions, Cori and the kids have not left our neighborhood since the quarantine started (6 weeks ago) and as you can imagine one of our daily struggles for the kids is fighting boredom. That being said God is good and we are so blessed. One thing we have been focusing on as a family is daily saying something for which we are thankful. When we stop and think, the list of His blessings can very easily grow long. And a thankful heart does produce a joyful heart. Thank you again for your faithful prayers for our family.

Prayer Requests

  • For God to give us understanding of the Spanish language and that He would help us be clear as we minister in Spanish.
  • For the Lord’s provision for many of our church family who are being affected economically by the quarantine.
  • For the Lord to continue to guide us in creative ways to present the gospel.

From Honduras,

Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna.

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