The Mortensons’ November Letter

November 2022


Dear Family and Friends,

We hope that you are doing well and reflecting on the blessings of God as we come into the fall season.  God has been so good to us, and we are so thankful for what He is doing and how we get to be a part of His plan to reach the world.  Normally our fall season here is a little more “routine ministry,” but this past month has been a busy one.  We helped host a great ladies conference, which had about 150 ladies in attendance from quite a few neighboring churches.  We were also able to host another surgical team who performed 29 surgeries.  As always, those weeks with the surgical teams are busy, yet full of so many blessings.  We had one patient who was able to get his arm repaired from a car accident that happened 3 days before the team arrived.  He was in a lot of pain when he arrived and was actually delivered by a fire department van.  I was able to do the translating for several steps through his procedure and recuperation and then a follow up the next week.  At the follow up appointment it was so good to see him smiling and not in pain.  Please continue to pray for physical healing for all of the patients and for the spiritual follow up that we will begin this month.  The love of God, demonstrated through medicine, truly does give us open doors to share the message of salvation.

Also in October I started teaching the second section of our theology class that we offer to church members.  This section is over the doctrines of Christ and the Holy Spirit and will run through the month of November.  There are 8 students for this section and we have started well.  Please pray that I am able to clearly communicate as we go through these foundational doctrines of our faith.  Knowing what and why we believe certain truths is so foundational to a growing walk with the Lord.

November is always a wonderful time for remembering the blessings of God.  As Christians, we should be some of the most thankful people because we have so much for which to be thankful.  God’s goodness, grace, mercy and forgiveness are among the top of the list, but He showers us with so many blessings it truly is good to take time to “count them one by one.”  We are so thankful for your partnership in ministry, both prayerfully and financially.  We are thankful for how God continues to amaze us with the ways in which He provides and has provided for all that we are needing to manage Blake’s diabetes.  We are thankful for the health and strength that He gives on a daily basis and for his comforting presence in the midst of life’s difficulties.  We truly serve a wonderful God.  May you see His blessings in your lives as well.


Prayer & Praise:

  • Continued spiritual growth in the church family.
  • For wisdom as we grow in our understanding of Type 1 diabetes, and how to best help Blake.
  • Praise the Lord for the marvelous way He is working out logistics for the one prescription item that we need from the States.
  • Praise the Lord for the successful surgeries performed by the surgical team and pray for our spiritual follow up with the patients as they recover.


From Honduras,
Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna

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