The McCoys Start 2024

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January 2024



  • Salvations
  • Christmas box outreach
  • Found another rental
  • Kids/grandkids together for Christmas

Prayer Requests

  • Gospel/witness opportunities
  • Pack/move/settle
  • Church buildings move fwd
  • Buy our own land


Acts 20:35

I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.


Words of the apostle Paul and definitely a practitioner of what he preached. After his conversion to Christianity he went all in all the time in giving of himself for the work of the gospel and serving his fellow man.

December started out with the delivery of 1000 plus shoebox sized Christmas presents sent to us by AJ @ Emission-Air Inc. AJ sent the boxes out to several local churches to be filled with all sorts of goodies, but most importantly gospel tracts, John and Romans scripture portions, and bibles. Once filled, they were collected and trucked from North Carolina to us in Florida. We then, through the help of dozens in our church and from the Pastor on down, set up several dates and places to hand out the presents. It was no doubt more blessed to give than to receive – at a jeep/car show, and a community park, and a food distribution center, and a local Winn Dixie grocery store. Four locations over a two week span and over 1000 people being given the gospel by either preaching or tracts or personal witness. Several called on the Lord for salvation and others were counseled while not making a decision at that time. Some have visited our church already. What an outreach in our area.

Talking with a couple of the Pastors in Costa Rica the training center is doing well and picking up speed. Some of the students have been laying floor tile and pouring concrete at a local church using their knowledge and backs to help the church finish construction of their new auditorium. One instructor reports he has enrolled six new students for the next semester. We are very proud of these men and their commitment to train the next generation to be laborers physically and spiritually.

The new church building at Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church is on hold for now as we wait on the Lord to provide the funds for the next phase. It will happen in his way and time. Grace Bible Baptist Church has continued to work on walls and misc. and will be doing a lot of their own grunt work in preparation of the electrician and plumber beginning their rough work. Building missionaries will arrive soon and supply labor as needed, too. We met with Vision Baptist Church in Crestview, Florida after talking for a few years about a new auditorium. They have been working hard on getting land clearing it and all the things they could do themselves, now we can help with permitting and coordination of the other moving parts. They are a recent new church plant going and growing in a spiritual desert.

After getting word our rental lease would expire with no renewal we went to work looking for another suitable place in the same town. As is his way God provided us with more than we were asking for and long before we needed it. We will get the keys in a couple of weeks and start to move a little at the time over the next month or so and continue juggling our other things. We had all four of our kids and all three grandkids at our house for a few days after Christmas. What a blessing for us all to be together even just for a few days.

We want to thank you all for your love and generosity toward us. Your prayers and partnerships are making a difference in lives and other cultures spiritually and physically and for that we are grateful and count it our privilege and reasonable service to represent you and our Lord Jesus Christ as we go. Happy New Year!!!


In Christ,
Kevin,Sonya,Bethany,and Jon McCoy
Training Center International

Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694


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