The McCoys’ October Letter

October 2022

Qué está pasando



  • Sonja had 49th B’day
  • Missions Conference went well
  • Kentucky relief work ongoing

Prayer Request

  • Safety in travels and relief effort
  • The Gospel goes forth in devastated communities
  • Funds and supplies comes in for relief efforts
  • Team of workers in the weeks and months ahead


Matthew 9:36
But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.


When Jesus saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion. The needs of our day are great and the effects will be ongoing long after the waters recede and the tree limbs are hauled off. People are hurting all around us, devastated by floods and hurricanes and all kinds of natural disasters but the biggest need is for them to hear the gospel. We can be a help in time of need and ought to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we go. As we pray and go and help monetarily and physically the door opens wide for the spiritual. The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few. 

We started September in Buckhorn, Kentucky at Rock Bottom Baptist church helping lift the bunkhouse and prophet chamber off the ground getting it ready for the steel I-beams to go underneath so that the building can be moved back to its original location before the flood. The building floated off its piers and, almost a football field away, sat back down on the ground mostly in tact with about 4 feet of water inside. After getting the building up off the ground and opening the floor and walls up most of the building can be saved and reused once it’s set back up on a new foundation. In our travels back to home we were able to stop by and see the ark encounter there in Kentucky. We’ve driven past it for years visiting family up north and finally had the chance to stop and see for ourselves. I know it is man’s interpretation of the Scriptures on how it was built and all of that, but just to think of the structure built to withstand the flood waters and the elements with only hand tools and no mega cranes and hold all the animals and Noah’s family safe and secure is mind boggling. Salvation is of the Lord. 

Back in Florida we had back-to-back missions conferences, the first one at Victory Baptist church of Crestview, Florida with Pastor Matheson. They have been a partner church for several years and have always been a huge help and blessing to us. Kevin was able to give an update and show our Operation Renewed Hope video and preach the closing meeting. We had the privilege of staying with the Kellie family, and getting to know them and their heart for the Lord was a huge blessing. The following Wednesday we had a missions conference at our home church, Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church, in High Springs, Florida with Pastor Patrick Giminez. Kevin was able to give an update and show our Operation Renewed Hope video and he and Bethany got to sing a special. We really had no idea that the church was going to partner with us and start a ministry out of the church that we will play a major part in. The church is calling it the Barnabas Relief Fund and will train teams for emergency response and then respond during the emergencies and provide relief support. 

We spent a couple of days preparing for the hurricane that we were supposed to get in our area but it took that east turn and wound up hitting southwest Florida instead. Hurricane Ian made landfall right around the Fort Myers, Florida area with category four winds and flash flooding that reaches almost all the way across the state. We have already begun coordinating relief efforts with Operation Renewed Hope and have contacted three churches in southwest Florida to start setting up distribution centers so these local churches can be the hubs in these communities. 

Thank you all for your partnership and the prayers and financial backing that we can always count on. Many hands make light work and we are grateful for the work that you participate in.


In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany, and Jon McCoy
Training Center International


Kevin 850-777-0097
Sonya 850-698-1694

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