The McCoys’ November Letter

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November 2023



  • Many Gospel witness opportunities
  • Getting a lot done
  • Safety in travels
  • Bethany’s braces are on

Prayer Requests

  • More souls saved
  • Training center in Florida
  • Building projects
  • Trip to Middle East
  • Health and strength


1 Corinthians 15:58
Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Be steady and fast, gospel focused, standing firm on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, having effect and gaining advantage. Our work for the Lord should be out of our love for him and not just duty. He sees our efforts and our heart and knows why we all do what we do. Things will be tough more times than not and even those we love and trust will disappoint us or leave us hanging. No matter what our Savior will give us everything we need to accomplish His will and purpose. Stay in the fight

There were a lot of moving parts in October for us. So glad we can see things as they come together verses watching a pile of papers move to another pile or e-mails going back and forth. At Victory Springs Baptist Church the windows and doors are coming along and hopefully be complete in the next few weeks. There have been material supplier problems that have caused several delays. The steel erector did finish the install of the drive-through entrance after much redo and job site fabrication. The next step on that is to get the metal stud framing up and the sheathing on in preparation for brick and stucco and roofing. The church had applied for a grant through the Lasko Foundation but just yesterday got word back that it has been denied. Looks to us like the Lord plans to get the funds another way so he can get all the glory. Please be praying with the church that the remaining funds will come in so the progress can continue. The building that we are in is near capacity and folks keep coming from all over. What a blessing.

At Grace Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola the remodel continues to move forward. We had the opportunity to make two short trips down to help them build their interior walls. While there we met with the Pastor and church leaders going over the different moving parts and how to keep the project moving. We also met with several of the subcontractors on the parts they will provide and got some temporary power installed. We have been in contact with New Testament Church Planters building missionaries that plan to come work on the project soon. Most of the interior walls are built and braced off ready for the next trades. Hopefully we can go back for one more quick trip and complete the rest of the interior walls before all of the holidays.

Another missionary gave our information to Pastor Harris at Ocoee First Baptist Church down by Orlando. They too are looking for a trust worthy builder to help them with permitting and some coordination to remodel their buildings. We were able to go meet with the Pastor and his wife and look at the facilities and give them some ideas on how to proceed. There is a local builder that has agreed to oversee the project but is unable to help them with permitting and the legal paperwork etc. We will help them anyway we can and hope to be in process with them early next year on this one. We can’t do everything but we ought to do the things that we can like Galatians says especially for those of the household of faith.

Training Center of Costa Rica continues to work with local churches and missionaries. Two Pastors who are also instructors have added several students in the past few weeks. The students are all in some type of ministry whether missionaries or pastors or working in the camps and all needing to learn more practical skills. Some are taking basic knowledge courses in various skills, and others are taking the prerequisites to begin a career path in a specific trade. Some will utilize their trade certifications to be bi-vocational providing for themselves and their ministries and others to just add more tools to their toolbox of knowledge for everyday life in Central America. There are multiple building projects under construction at two different locations that the students can utilize their learned skills and get hands on practice as they learn. As these leaders continue to see this work through, our heart is to have other training centers scattered here and there as the Lord opens those doors. We have begun the process to start a training center in North Central Florida. There are many churches in the area with young people surrendered to full-time ministry and see the need for this training here as well. There are also several camps in the area that would love to utilize this type training for their young people. Please pray for co-laborers in that area and that the Lord would work out the details His way and in His timing.

We have been in constant contact with Operation Renewed Hope on several projects they are working on. They have Boot Camps for young people that go on international medical missions trips. These camps teach the young people all different type of necessary skills they need on a foreign mission field in remote areas. These young people cannot go on a trip until they have successfully completed one of these boot camps. We have been asked to help them put together a curriculum for some of the practical skills that we train in. This coming year there are two of these boot camps that we may have the opportunity to participate in. Kevin has also been asked if he would travel to the Middle East with a team to help coordinate humanitarian relief efforts due to the war there between Israel and Hamas. We have prayed and believe the Lord would have Kevin to go and do what he can with the team there. There are no details at this time when or for how long. ORH has been helping with relief efforts in Ukraine since the beginning of their war and has been used greatly to raise funds and move supplies to where they are needed and help establish refugee centers. Most of this type of coordination is done in person with local leaders on the ground. It would be hard to coordinate efforts with people you’ve never met and not knowing the lay of the land. This is a huge opportunity and what a privilege to be of help to Gods chosen people in their time of need.

Bethany did finally get her braces yesterday and is doing pretty good with them so far. And today she turns 16. What a blessing she has been to us and we so look forward to what the Lord does with her in the future. We were in two of our supporting churches in middle Florida this month giving updates and it was so good to see the brethren we have not seen in over four years. We are so thankful for each and every one that continues to partner with us and support these efforts as we try to do our part in being the hands and feet of Jesus.

In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany and Jon McCoy
Training Center International


Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694


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