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October 2023



  • Witness opportunities
  • Progress on church projects
  • Bethany new Orthodontist
  • Safety in travels

Prayer Requests 

  • Souls to be saved
  • Future decisions
  • Be productive


1 Thessalonians 5:25
Brethren, pray for us.


We like all others that serve God in a full-time capacity need funds and co- laborers, as nothing gets done without our money and men, but the biggest thing we need is your prayers – prayers for the many witness opportunities we have to help people become souls saved; for the local churches and other missionaries to be helped; for health, safety in travels, our marriage, our family, encouragement; and to see some fruit for our efforts. And in all these we would see God glorified. So do pray for us.

We continued into September with disaster relief efforts in central Florida, working with Operation Renewed Hope and two local churches. Several loads of needed supplies were delivered and used at the distribution points. The supplies aren’t much needed, at this point, but much cleanup from the storm surge is ongoing. We celebrated Sonya’s 50th birthday. A family in our church made her a special meal and decorated their yard and house with banners. That was a real blessing to her.

We traveled to Pennsylvania for a mission conference at Turnpike Baptist Church. Pastor and Mrs. Feeser are dear friends that we served with for many years. We had the opportunity to do a presentation, preach, sing special music, and help repair their dunk tank for an upcoming carnival. We enjoyed that time with the Feeser’s and the other missionaries. This Church is celebrating their 100th year. Not many churches can say that they have been in a community for that long and still have a gospel witness there.

On our travels we got to spend one night with our oldest son and his family and got to see grand baby number three real quick. We drove past our house to Bible Baptist Church in Palm Harbor and taught two CPR and first aid classes. Now this church has 29 certified CPR and first aid providers. Back home we have had a time with Bethany’s braces. We had to leave one orthodontist and find another one and start all over. Hopefully we can get her braces on in the next week or so with this new clinic.

Our structural steel package for the church was delivered. Our steel erector canceled on us so we found another one and got him started right away. He should finish the install today on the drive- through entrance. I have had several witness opportunities with these men and have been able to share the gospel with them please pray that Joe, Quintin, and Zach would trust Christ. Kevin plans to travel back to Pensacola this afternoon to try and get some more of the interior walls built at the church remodel there.

We have heard from several of you this month and feel the love and appreciate the encouragement. Please do pray for us. Thank you each and every one for your partnership and support.


In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany and Jon McCoy
Training Center International

Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694

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