The McCoy Family’s September Update

September 2020


  • Housing while in states
  • Use of vehicle
  • Ministry Opportunities

Prayer Requests

  • Jon’s salvation
  • Support to come back up
  • Leave soon for Costa Rica
  • Arrival-quarantine/get settled

1 Corinthians 4:2
Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

A steward is an investor/servant. As stewards we are to invest in peoples lives. The biggest investment we can make is giving them the gospel. Most times serving others will open the door to them being willing to not just listen but to hear. People need to know that we care. Only 2% of salvations are at church, so 98% of our ministry is outside it! Jesus is the answer for the world today. Let’s be the best stewards we can be with His help.

August has come and gone in a blur. Almost every day we have had opportunities to help someone in one way or another. Many churches in our area have building/maintenance needs and call us to help. Neighbors need handrails on their steps or sod installed. Church members have honey do lists. Partner pastors need help in several areas of the church and at home. There is not a lack of things to do, but let’s not just be busy. Let’s be sure our ministry has eternal significance. Meeting physical needs can open the door to spiritual needs. I believe we can see all through the scriptures how Jesus did it.

We have been in contact with many of our partners and have been able to give in person updates and preach. Some just want us to come for fellowship or activities. We are still in the same temporary house and still have the same borrowed truck. Our monthly support has gone down approx. 25% this past month. It does fluctuate a little here and there but not normally like that. We pray it comes back up soon. Our flights for Sep 3rd have been canceled again and left open for now. Costa Rica is allowing U.S. states in but so far only 12 out of 50 and Florida is not on the list yet. We are more than ready to be there, BUT, not sure when that will be as of this writing.

Kevin finished his marital arts instructor course, hoping to add this to our missionary training center curriculum. We went tubing with the teens in our sending church and our kids were able to have a couple of play days with their friends lately.

Please, please continue to pray for us, send us texts / messages, e-mails and continue to give monetarily so we can go and then stay.

In Christ,
Kevin and Sonya McCoy

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