The Fredericks in Dec. 2018

Dec 2018

Dear praying partners,

This will be our last prayer letter of 2018, so we want to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

Ministry: This month we celebrate the 14th year of New Life Baptist Church. The church is small but well-grounded and very faithful. It is a great joy to see almost 100% of our church members participate in evangelistic outreach and fellowship activities. The lack of fruit is not due to a lack of effort. To give perspective, the average church in Thailand is approximately 16 individuals (mostly women and children). Almost 60% of churches (all denominations) have no pastor. It sometimes seems like an impossible task, but we know that the Lord loves the Thai people and desires to see them saved. We are called to be faithful, and by God’s grace, we will do that. English classes at the University have taken an unexpected twist as I now teach 30 Chinese exchange students. We need to find a way to communicate the Gospel to them. In a recent class, I discovered that almost all of them had no idea what a church is; they’d never heard of it before.


Bible Institute: We recently completed a block class in Apologetics,  taught by a Thai pastor. He challenged the students and was a great example of how the Lord can use a national for His glory. There were several new students who are curious about the Bible School. Lord willing they will apply to study further. In December a fellow missionary will come to teach another block class, “Old Testament Historical Books.” It is a blessing to see other national pastors and missionaries get involved in training nationals for the work of the Lord.

Furlough: We have purchased our tickets and will arrive in the states in February with a return to Thailand in July. If you would like us to stop by to give an update, we still have a few openings, but please notify me as soon as possible via email at

Please pray for: Salvation for a man who still comes regularly (three years this Christmas), Hannah (our youngest daughter) for her college school bill and her university studies (she finishes in December), wisdom in ministry matters, results of outreach and for a young lady in our church who continues to struggle spiritually but is doing better (names are not included for privacy reasons; I hope you understand).

In closing Frances and I want to express our sincerest thanks for your partnership in our ministry. It is not easy to support a ministry that you have never seen. The Lord is working and, by His grace, we will continue to sow the seeds of the Gospel so that one day there might be a great harvest in Thailand.

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick Facebook:  66-86-183-1575

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