Michael Frederick – A Building Update

August 2021

1 Month Building Fund Update


The latest in our building fund is exciting. We have raised $20,000 towards our goal of $165,000. Our Thai church has raised $400 above our normal giving as well. This puts us at 12% of our goal after our first month. We are well on the way to purchasing this wonderful property. Below is some more information about this project.

1. A few churches have asked about when to send the funds. If you would like to pledge to help, we are fine with that. We can then notify you when we have sufficient pledges/offerings. I would only ask that if your church would like to pledge an amount, please notify me so we are aware of our progress.

2. The property will be purchased and the title issued to the New Life for Thailand Foundation. Often church properties are purchased through individuals in the church, which can create chaos in the event of an unforeseen problem. Purchasing in the name of the foundation prevents any individual from commandeering the property or misusing it. This is the safest possible way for the church to purchase property in Thailand. I established this foundation to provide legal cover for our church in Thailand since churches are not recognized by the government. Our foundation consists of a board of local church members and is recognized by the Thai government as a charitable foundation.

3. We estimate about $30,000 over the purchase price for repairs to the building after the purchase. We are trying to raise this locally through our mission’s churches faithfully giving above and beyond regular offerings and our missions offering. To date, we have $6500 towards this goal.

If you are interested in helping in the fantastic opportunity, offerings can be given via PayPal https://paypal.me/thaimissions?locale.x=en_US or directing to our missions clearinghouse Central Missionary Clearinghouse https://cmcmissions.org/donate I am happy to answers any questions about this project via email or phone at 864-561-5217 (12 hours ahead of Central Daylight Time). My sending pastor, Mike Jones of Grace Baptist Church, Panama City, FL would happily answer any questions as well via email pastor.gbcpc@gmail.com or phone (850) 818-3883.

Please pray earnestly for the Lord’s will to be done concerning this project. Thank you for faithfully standing with us as we reach the Thai people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your missionaries,

Michael & Francisca Frederick


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