The Enfingers’ Oregon Trip

Two  Months in Oregon

Lamar and Dian Enfinger,
Volunteer Mobile Missionaries

Lamar and I were at home when we received a call from Volunteer Mobile
Missionaries Headquarters stating that we were needed in Oregon for the months of July and August 2018 to be hosts of the Christian camp there, the Oregon Christian Conference Center. We prayed about it and let them know that we world be there around the second week of July as we needed to take care of a few things and pack our RV. They agreed and we began to get ready. We knew this would be at the least a five-day trip each way.

We soon began to finish things around the house, complete doctors’ appointments, and ask our neighbors to get our mail and watch over our place. Our neighbor across the road said he would cut the outside of our yard so it would look neat. Another person said they would cut the inside of our yard, as it is fenced in, before we arrived home.

Soon we were on the road to Oregon. Lamar had wanted to take me there anyway, so besides helping in the camp we were planning on some sightseeing at available times.

Little did we know what our responsibilities were going to be. All we knew was that we were to be friendly to the groups, let them know where we were located on the camp grounds, and make sure they had plenty of necessities in the bath houses and dorms.

Each day we traveled was an adventure. We drove until we felt like we were ready to stop and began looking for a place to stay. Since we were well equipped in our RV we knew if we didn’t find a place we could sleep at a rest stop or even a Walmart. We always found a safe place and we were feeling the prayers of our church and of our family. There were a few trials and disappointments along the way, but there were also enough blessings to overcome them. It isn’t always easy traveling the roads nowadays as, even though we try to drive safely, there are always those who like to cut in front of our 40 foot RV and expect us to slow down for them. We at times had things rearranged in our RV when this would happen – oh well. We were able to take care of this when we stopped at different times.

The night before we arrived at the camp we stayed at a quiet place by the Oregon river. Oregon is on one side and Washington is on the other. How relaxing it was to almost be the only ones beside the waters. We cooked dinner and sat outside in the cool breeze. We were just amazed at the tranquility of the moment. We thanked our Lord continually for safety and for allowing us to be able to still have the strength to volunteer in this kind of work.

Our two months stay in Oregon was a real blessing. How thankful we were that we were able to get our church on the internet and see our church family. This really helped our long stay away.

Family and church groups came and went, and the usual stay was about 5 days for each one. The groups came from many places. One of the interesting ones was a church group of Russians. They were friendly and we enjoyed seeing the teens sitting at different benches reading the Word of God.

Each group was to clean up after itself so the camp would be ready for the next group. Sometimes we had to do a little extra cleaning to have things very clean.

We heard a lot of laughter, were invited to some of their meals, and shared some with them. We made sure that our Gideon New Testaments stayed filled in each room and in the dorms. It was good to see some of them gone and we just replaced them. That’s what it’s all about. We were able to witness about our faith sometimes and hopefully seeds were planted.

In between groups we would sightsee and enjoy the coast of Oregon. Another couple came in to help and we were very thankful.

A sweet blessing at the camp was that it is almost surrounded with blackberries. What a delight. I learned to make blackberry jam. We sure enjoyed that.

We made a few friends and felt the presence of God protecting us and knew our church and family were praying for our safety there and back.

How blessed Lamar and I are to go into the camps and work in whatever capacity, in either building repair or making things safer for those coming in.

Our service is to our LORD. He saved us from a burning hell when he died on the cross for our sins and was buried and arose on the third day. We need to share the Gospel with all whenever we have the chance. Our volunteer work is helping camps in need of construction or office work but still, during that time, to be examples of what God has done for all. Our light needs to shine so people will see a difference in our lives. Sharing a gospel tract or sharing the Gospel is the most important thing in our lives.

The word JOY means Jesus, Others, You. Put Jesus first and he will direct your ways. Thanks for your prayers and support. You are part of our ministry.


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