The Canters: Aug. 2016

August 20, 2016

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, Loved Ones, and Supporting Churches:

Since our last letter, we designed a new church promotional flyer and the tract for the Nebuta Festival. We are now preparing for the Missions Emphasis Month in September. Pray that the church members’ hearts will be moved to fulfill the Great Commission—not only to see the needs in Aomori, but to participate in soul-winning and increase their Faith Promise giving.

Our BIMI Field Director, David Harris, brought four people on a “Connect” trip to Japan. They came to Aomori to see the very needy field of northem Japan. While here, they joined our church members to pass out tracts at the Nebuta Festival. We handed out 3,000 tracts prior to the start. Pray that the seeds planted will lead to spiritual fruit.

Thank you for praying for Mr. Hazama. He had been hospitalized for over one year and was released August 5th. We picked him and his things up with our van and took him home. He has been to church each week since. Pray that he will not have any relapse. Pray for his spiritual condition and growth. Pray also for the family as they adjust to his being back home.

Miss Nozawa has been attending faithfully and now participates in the Sunday School class discussion. We see the spiritual growth and life changes in her. She enjoys helping the ladies prepare the weekly lunch after Sunday morning service. Continue to pray for her.

We talk about Paul, Moses, David, and the other great people in the Bible. This is difficult for visitors and new Christians because most Japanese have no idea who these people are. Please remember that most have never seen a Bible or have even heard the Gospel Story. Please pray for Holy Spirit discernment to help all Japanese, regardless of their spiritual level.

Please continue to pray for Team Aomori and the church here. The Johnsons, the other half of Team Aomori, are in the States on furlough. The Lord willing, they will return in January with their new addition to the family, Joshua Allen, born August 4th.

In your service for HIS Service

Steve and Kimiyo Canter
Harvesting His Fields in Japan

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