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March 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

It is a joy to write to you once more. In the past few weeks since our last letter God has blessed in many ways. As always when a problem comes our way God already has the answer and supplies our needs. Our motor home which we use to travel to the churches is past getting old. On our last trip through Georgia and Tennessee the engine was tired and demanding attention. God gave us a great mechanic to repair it and our home church paid for parts and labor. So we are continuing to visit churches for God.

Please pray God will continue to use us as we present missions in the churches. This is a wonderful ministry God has given us, but it is sometimes a hard ministry with all the travel. Also, Louise and I both had the flu in the past few weeks along with a stomach virus, but we seem to be fine now.

Please pray for
1. our President and leaders of our country,
2. our supporting Pastors and Churches,
3. our Missions Boards and Mission Leaders,
4. our Senior Missionaries that they receive the respect they deserve and not be pushed into retirement, and
5. new missionaries – we must have them!

Yours in Christ,
Bro. Bob & Louise
Dr. Robert W. Johnson

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