November for the McCoy Family

November 2021

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  •  Residency approved
  • Additional instructors committed
  • Support Steady
  • Witness opportunities

Prayer Requests

  • Government mandates
  • Travel restrictions
  • Health and safety

1 Corinthians 3:13
Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire, and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.
If you love what you do it does not seem like work at all. It is work being here. It’s up hill all the way every day. We came here to reach the people with the gospel and train them with vocational technical skills. We are doing that and making some decent progress considering the ongoing pandemic and all that goes along with that. But I want to be real honest and open with you. These people have reached us and are training us. As we continue to plug in and learn the culture, the people we serve, serve us in return. What we get back cannot be bought. Work is still work. Working for the glory of God and to further His kingdom has rewards now and for all eternity. Those works will not burn up but be acknowledged by Jesus himself and we hope to get a well done on that day.

We officially joined the church and now have service opportunities galore. Kevin is on the preaching schedule and has spoken to the youth already and will again this week. Bethany can play the piano on Wednesday nights before service and played a special on Sunday. Sonya helps with meal prep and serving and with arts and crafts for the kids’ classes. We have helped church members move pianos, cooked and served at youth meetings, and serve for communion. We have opened our home for hospitality to 5 families this month and got to buy the staff at the oil change place lunch. Getting to know the people on a personal level and building those relationships with those in the church and the community is takes a lot of time and work but worth every drop of sweat, blood, or tears.

We continue to make forward progress towards the launch of the technical training center. We have commitments from at least 6 other men for becoming instructors. We are setting up their instructor certifications and hope to have that done in the next few weeks. We all were approved for temporary residency, the adults first, then two weeks later the kids. What that means is two trips to the bank to pay immigration, two trips to the post office in the capital to have our photos taken for our ID cards, two trips to social security to enroll for social medicine benefits, and then two trips back to the post office to pick up our ID cards. Y’all tired yet. HAHA. Remember its work.

Bethany had her first piano recital and did very well. She also turned 14 and had her birthday party at a paintball field nearby with about 20 other youths and some dads. One of the referees wanted Kevin’s marine boonie hat, so we gave it to him and got to share the gospel with him. One of the pastors plans to follow up with him soon. Jon was attacked by a squirrel in our house. No major injury but he has another missionary kid story to tell.

Things here are becoming more and more difficult for the people. Unemployment is 25% on paper and in the news, so we believe it is much higher. The mandates continue to increase and the vax will be required starting January 7th to access most business and social activities. Please pray for us and the people that wise decisions are made for the best interest of individual families.

We are grateful for the love and support we get. Many reach out to us by text, WhatsApp, and email. The funds keep things paid and give us the opportunity to help other ministries and the community. The prayers and encouragement are even more help and keeps the wind in our sail and daily strength.
In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany & Jon McCoy

Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694

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