Muindis’ July Letter

July 2019

Dear Beloved,

Furlough is a time to rest for the missionary, you say. As a missionary, I wish it was so. Having covered over thirteen specific states from Minnesota State to Florida State and from Washington State to Maryland State and the many others between, we really need that rest. After covering over 62,000 miles, we are tired and ready to go back to our mission field of Kenya. Please note our ever flowing thanks to you pastors and your families, family hosts, and church families for the supplies, encouragements, gifts, meals, cards, fellowships, and the lists is long. May our God graciously continue to grow you and use you to reach the unsaved around you and around the world. We sincerely love you all in Christ our Lord.

July 4, 2019 is your special day as a nation. As you rejoice with those around you that day, remember the redemption given to us through Christ. Remember that we have peace with God due to the divine sacrifice at Calvary. Also remember your friends, coworkers, Kenyan family, and missionaries in prayers as they fly back to Kenya. We safely and harmoniously transition back, and then Ian and Regina will be coming back for school after three weeks.

June 2019 has been a blessed month with an opportunity to take two classes at FBTS in Ankeny, Iowa and then attending the GARBC conference in Des Moines, Iowa. It is my joy every time on furlough to take at least a class or two and learn along with others and from those who have gained experience in ministry. Please continue to pray that our training of our fellow Kenyans in ministry will always be fruitful.

Please do not forget to note our change of address, but the same email address.

Email remains:

Address changes to:
Stephen Muindi or Edna Muindi or Rena Muindi
P.O. Box 987 – 30100

We will always love to hear from you and most of all pray for how the Lord may use you in this ministry and come to help if possible. Pray faithfully, serve faithfully, seek opportunities faithfully, strive to be used to invest in someone else, and the Lord will truly bless. We look forward to seeing you in Kenya, back here in the States, or in the heavens. Remember what Jesus says, “Follow Me!”

In His Care,
Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena

Matthew 4:19



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