Muindis in May 2016

May 2016

Beloved Prayer Partners

Psalm 78:4-8 reminds us of the importance of the gracious works of God for each generation and the solemn and sacred duty of each generation to ensure that those coming after them would remember God’s gracious acts from the past. In essence, each generation should be motivated to place their confidence in God and His Word. Otherwise, failure to remember God’s gracious work would lead future generations to forget God and to repeat the mistakes of those whose heart and spirit were not right and steadfast before God. Note that 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 demonstrates the reason and the purpose for the written Word of God.

Discipleship ministries:

  1. Bible School Students – Simeon Koech, Mike Otieno, Silvanus Agisu
  2. Sunday afternoon Bible Training – Simeon Koech, Mike Otieno, Silvanus Agisu, David Ouma.

Church Ministries:

  1. We have continued to work closely with church families struggling in their spiritual lives and facing financial challenges as well as life decisions. Note that we are faced with cultural beliefs as well as prosperity or materialistic mindset in the lives of many. Biblical counseling is truly important in every ministry and growing believers.
  2. We have been faced with deaths in relation to our church members and we have been engaged in funerals one after another. Though a time to comfort, also opportunities available for us to share the gospel.
  3. Sicknesses have been a challenge with church members also following each other. Desmond Agisu/Roseline/Stephen’s uncle, etc.
  4. We have seen good progress in every department of ministry with new families, young adults, and children from the community joining the church. We have seen more commitment to ministry service and involvement. Pray for more desires and commitments.

Outreach Ministries:

  1. House-to-house visitation during Easter this year gave us a great opportunity to reach out to a great number of homes with tracts and invitations as we shared our faith without fear. We held an afternoon seminar on “God’s Provisions” at the time as well that has led to a continuous visits thereafter.
  2. Early this Month, May 8th 2016, David Ouma led our Youths on a mission to Sing’ore Girls High School where they shared the Word of God.
  3. Sayare Radio program continues to be a blessing and an avenue for us to reach out to the outcast of the city of Eldoret and the larger Western region of Kenya.

Building Project:

  1. Faced a challenge with the builder and have come to an agreement with a new builder who is ready to finalize the work.
  2. Financial challenges exist but we thank God for the progress. Although not much, the church is making their building contribution as we progress. On May 2016, the church will be putting together the collection from different departments. Pray for success and commitment of all.
  3. We desire to begin the final part of roofing after the heavy rains that continue around the country. Pray and support this progress with whatever God lays in your heart for God’s glory.
  4. We desire to officially dedicate the facility in February 2017 along with celebration of our 10th Your support is appreciated dearly.

Family Life:

  1. We thank God for His provision and protection under His wings. Ian, Regina, and Rena are keeping on with school, this being their last semester for this school calendar year. Pray for them as they get into their final year of High school (Ian and Regina) and Rena going to her final year of elementary (primary) school.
  2. Edna continues to be a blessing to us all at home, church, and in ministry. Apart from taking care of her family, she serves as a Sunday school superintendent, Sunday school teacher, Lady’s Bible Study leader, etc. amongst others.
  3. Stephen is busy with preaching and teaching and leadership of the ministry apart from dealing with legal issues and building project and weekly pastoral duties. Pray for us daily.

We, thus, pray to our Lord and savior, “Spur my desire to search this work which you’ve finely wrought, Frame my poor mind to comprehend its treasured fill, Mold all my heart to love the truths you’ve kindly taught, Grant me the faith to do your good and perfect will.”

In His Care,

Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena
Ephesians 2:10

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