Mortenson Family’s March Letter

March 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for faithfully praying for our family. What an amazing month we have had. It has represented much work but we are so thankful for all that God did through the labor. We started off the month with a great Come Away conference for missionaries serving here in Honduras. The speaker this year was Dr. Steve Pettit who preached several very powerful messages from the book of James on wisdom. I know that many hearts were encouraged by the time of fellowship with other missionaries, but we were all also encouraged by being fed deeply from the Word of God. Another great blessing was having Evangelist Adrian Burden with us who gave two special sessions for all the missionary kids. We love this conference every year and are looking forward to next year.

As I mentioned last month, Cori’s parents were able to come down for a visit which overlapped with the conference and made it an extra special time. One of the highlights of visiting with Grammy and Papi was taking them to the beach that is about an hour from our house. God gave us beautiful weather to go along with a great time making new memories with family.

The week after Cori’s parents visited, my parents made their first visit to Honduras. The first 3 days of my parent’s visit we took advantage of having my dad here and held a Creation Conference. My dad was able to give 5 different presentations to help biblically answer many of the objections to the Bible that modern science tries use to undermine biblical authority. All 3 days of the conference were well attended and many people expressed that each of the sessions were very helpful in fortifying their faith. We have received feedback from several people who said that they had never heard a presentation so clearly explaining that Christians do not need to compromise their faith and accept evolution because true science lines up perfectly with what the Bible teaches.

After the conference we again enjoyed time with family. Since this was my parents first visit to Honduras it was fun introducing them to many of the unique things that we have here. They enjoyed getting to be a part of some of our weekly activities like Bible Club which is always a highlight. Thank you again for your faithful partnership with us in prayer and financial support.

From Honduras,
Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna.

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