Mortenson Family’s Feb. Letter

February 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for faithfully praying for our family. It is crazy to realize just how quickly time is flying. Yesterday Blake (our 9 year old) commented to me that this year is already going by really fast. Funny thing is that, for kids, time normally travels slow. Maybe for him it has been flying because of how busy we have been and how much he has been anticipating both sets of grandparents visiting in February. Whatever Blake’s reasoning, I had to agree with him, time is flying.

We have started the year off in some exciting ways. First and foremost has been that as a church family we have had several people trust Christ as their Savior during different services. Praise the Lord! Another exciting advancement in the last several weeks has been that we have consistently been needing to put out more chairs on Sunday mornings. Not having enough seating is a wonderful problem to have in church. Again, we just want to praise the Lord for what He is doing.

In January we were also able to partner with Jonathan Washer and Inside the Lines Ministries to put on an evangelistic basketball clinic. Bro. Washer’s ministry works primarily in the U.S. holding evangelistic basketball tournaments inside jails and prisons. He came down partially to explore the opportunities within the jails in Honduras but we took advantage of him being here and hosted a clinic for teens. The teens enjoyed the time but most importantly one teen trusted Christ as her Savior after one of the evening messages!

As we enter February, we are excited about having both Cori’s parents and my parents visit. We are also looking forward to our Come Away Conference (Feb 6-8), which is an enriching time of fellowship with other English speaking missionaries from different parts of Honduras and some other parts of Central America (we host this conference as a ministry team). We are excited to have Dr. Steve Pettit as our conference speaker. Please pray that the Lord would use this time to strengthen all of us to faithfully serve the Lord in the areas to which He has called us.

Many of you already know that my Dad (Dr. Terry Mortenson) serves with Answers in Genesis as a speaker, and while he is here we will host a Creation Conference. Our ministry partner Matt Goins will translate for my Dad, and both would appreciate prayers for God’s help. We are praying that the Lord will use the conference to help deepen and strengthen our church family.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I ask this, but please continue to pray for the Lord’s help for both Cori and I as we minister in Spanish. The process of communicating the wonderful truths of the Bible in another language is a humbling but wonderful privilege. Thank you again for your faithful partnership with us in prayer and financial support.

From Honduras,
Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna.

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