Mortenson Family’s March Prayer Letter

March 2022

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family.  God is good and we want to praise Him for all that He is doing.  At the beginning of February we were able to help the church plant in Santa Barbara (pastored by a Honduran, Alex Reyes) host one of the Medical Missions Outreach evangelistic clinics.  During those 4 days we were able to physically help just over 1600 patients.  All of them heard a presentation of the Gospel and 80 of those people trusted Christ as their Savior!  One of the men that was working in the evangelism side of the clinic shared this testimony; ministry in the town of Santa Barbara has been hard because the people have been very cold to the gospel, but he sensed a tenderness to the gospel that he had not sensed before. Praise the Lord!

We also want to praise the Lord for His goodness through the Theology class that I have been teaching.  We finished up our last class on Sunday and the 8 students will be taking their final exam this coming Sunday night (March 6th).  It has been a great blessing to me to be able to teach this class and I pray that it has also been a blessing in the spiritual lives of each student.

Many of you may have seen Cori’s post on Facebook, but on February 16th our 11 year old Blake was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  This is the insulin dependent kind of diabetes that is an auto immune disease resulting from his immune system attacking his pancreas.  The pancreas is what produces insulin which in turn is what helps the body process foods, especially carbohydrates and sugars.  So for Blake, without a functional pancreas, he is dependent on insulin shots multiple times a day for the rest of his life.  This is a big adjustment for all of us as we now have new considerations every time he needs to eat.  We are very thankful for how early we discovered his diabetes (possibly within the first 2 weeks of his pancreas beginning to fail), and that the supplies necessary for us to effectively manage his diabetes are available here in Honduras.  We have already seen God’s hand at work, and we want to praise Him for His care for us.  Please be praying that God will continue to guide us and give us wisdom as we learn all that is necessary for treatment.  Please also pray for Cori and Blake as they will be traveling to Florida to meet with a specialist in the next few days.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers for us.


Prayer & Praise:

  • Continued spiritual growth in the church family.
  • Praise the Lord for the 80 people who trusted Christ during the MMO clinic
  • Growth in the church plant in Santa Barbara.
  • For wisdom as we grow in our understanding of Type 1 diabetes, and how to best help Blake.
  • For traveling mercies for Cori and Blake as they go to Florida to meet with the specialist.


In Christ,

Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna


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