McCoy’s Update for January 2023

January 2023

Que esta pasando


Philippians 2:5-8

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.


Jesus, God the son, left heaven to be born a baby in a feed trough; was raised in a carpenter’s home, not having any known worldly possessions; traveled all over doing good and preaching the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus is our example, the humble servant. If you and I are to be Christians or little Christs this will be us. Our life will be that of a servant, one who attends to others, one who is in subjection to his master, one used as an instrument in God’s purpose.

I was asked this past week why our family does what we do. Why do we serve God full time? Honestly I don’t put much thought into the why much anymore but it was a good reminder. Really the main reason is that we love God and are grateful for his free gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and want others to hear the gospel and be saved. So we believe our service is reasonable. Another reason is Jesus commanded us to go and preach the gospel so our obedience is not an option. A benefit or perk if you will is to see people reached with the gospel, saved from their sins, trained spiritually and physically, having their physical needs met, and then them repeating the process. There is no greater satisfaction than to see folks walking by faith and growing in grace. In short that is why we chose to serve God full time. We do not have to but we get to! Amen.

We are grateful for a productive 2022 and the part that each of you played in it. Your prayers and financial support made it possible to accomplish many things and lay the groundwork for even more this next year. These are some of the highlights of this past year with other people and places in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the other most parts.
At Home in North Florida
We joined Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church. The church is going and growing. It has seen over 70 people saved this year. The church has door-to-door visitation, bus ministry, nursing home ministry, prison ministry, and age appropriate Sunday school and church. We have just recently remodeled a new leased building and are in process of a new building on our own property. We are helping with all of the legal construction documents and as a general contractor. We serve on the safety security team, in the nursery, and other areas as needed. The church recently took us on as missionaries and partners with us in the Barnabas relief ministry during times of disaster. The church also has the desire to help us establish another training center here locally.

Operation Renewed Hope in Raleigh North Carolina
Is a Christ centered nonprofit medical missions and disaster relief agency providing relief at home and abroad to those in need. Kevin serves as their disaster relief coordinator on a volunteer basis. All ORH personnel are volunteers and self supported missionaries. We have served with them since early 2020. And the time leading up to a known disaster we gather information, contact local churches near the expected impact zone, begin gathering supplies and setting up transport. After impact Kevin travels to the area if possible and meets with local church pastors to establish distribution centers. For as long as the church wants we continue to bring in supplies for distribution. Afterwards in the rebuilding stage we coordinate work teams to help with tree and debris removal, cleanup, demolition, and rebuilding. Kevin also trained church teams that choose to partner with ORH in responding to disasters with us. We also participate in the youth missions Boot Camp teaching CPR, first aid, AED, and basic survival skills. This camp is required for young people to go on a foreign medical missions team. This year we responded to disasters in Kentucky, Florida, and Costa Rica. With relief supplies the gospel is given out by distribution of John and Roman’s pamphlets, tracts, and personal witness. Hundreds were saved through these efforts this year and each local church now has access to these lives and homes. For a short informative video on ORH please follow the link at

Training Center of Costa Rica
Is a legal entity in Costa Rica owned and operated by Kevin and Sonya McCoy. Currently the vocational technical training center is just over one year old. It has nine certified instructors through the homebuilders Institute in Washington DC. Of the nine instructors two are missionaries, four are pastors, and three serve in the ministry in some capacity. Right now there are 20 students enrolled and most of these are also pastors or in the ministry in some way. The goal is to not just have church planters but church builders. A guy who can build the church with his own hands. Who can not just start the church but maintain it and be personally invested in it. Have a hands-on part of the entire process. We work side-by-side with men in the community and those in the church. Some of the training is done online and is in English and Spanish. Some can only be done in person and hands on. There are multiple buildings in process that provide that on the job training and business owners in the community are another resource for experience before graduating. Locally we have personally had the opportunity to do hands-on training in carpentry with a newly surrendered missionary out of our church.

Church Planting Partners
Through disaster relief efforts with ORH we met two pastors in Costa Rica that were recent seminary graduates and planted new churches. For almost 2 years we have been in constant contact with them and at their side to help anyway we can with their churches. This year we helped them with food relief multiple times, flood relief once, and with miscellaneous church needs, and youth rallies. Through these efforts at least 75 people were saved that we know of.

Swan Aviation Ministries
An aviation ministry with the mission to train the next generation of aviation professionals to spread the gospel through flight. We had the privilege to work in their teen aviation camp this year. We served as counselors, trainer, kitchen help, and speaker. Sonya and Bethany served in the kitchen and in the girls cabin. Kevin did some devotions and taught CPR, first aid, AED, and pilot rescue. We saw three teens saved that week.


In our spare time ha ha we have obtained the following certifications to give us credentials as we train others in the training center and churches and camps.

  • Homebuilders institute instructor
  • American heart association CPR first aid AED instructor
  • Active violence emergency response team instructor
  • FEMA community emergency response team train the trainer instructor
  • United States concealed carry association basic firearms and concealed weapons and home defense instructor
  • American Red Cross disaster spiritual care chaplain and disaster action team member

This was an extremely busy year for us but we believe a very productive one. Many were reached and saved and trained and helped in one area or another, some spiritual and some practical. Hopefully each of you feels like you got a return on your investment in this work. Again it would not have happened without your prayers and financial support. Thank each and everyone of you and to God be the glory. Happy New Year

In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany, and Jon McCoy
Training Center International
Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694


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