The McCoys’ October News Letter

October 2020


  • Costa Rica Has opened to Florida!!!
  • Housing while in states
  • Use of another vehicle
  • Ministry Opportunities/Share Gospel
  • No damage to house

Prayer Requests

  • Jon’s salvation
  • Support to come back up
  • Leave soon for Costa Rica
  • Travel safety to Louisiana

Matt 9:37-38
Then He saith unto His disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest , that He will send forth labourers into His harvest.

Wherever we go there is no shortage of harvest. There is a shortage of laborers. Ones who labor in a toilsome occupation. A laborer is a worker not a watcher. One who gets personally involved in the physical effort of seeing a task accomplished. Jesus is our CEO and administrator and like the disciples of old He is looking for more laborers to do His kingdom work today. The job at hand: Getting His precious gospel to the lost. The method to accomplish that varies. If only 2% of people are saved in the church building then 98% are saved out in the community.

September was packed with opportunities to labor. Hurricane Laura hit the SW Louisiana area at the end of August. We were asked to partner with Operation Renewed Hope and travel to the Lake Charles area and assess damage to churches and homes there. We were able to provide reports and pictures to help know who to send and where to start the recovery process. We saw pastors in action, meeting the needs of their people and holding their congregations together in the most difficult times. Many received funds, food, water, tarps, prayer and the gospel.

Back in Pensacola, FL for a couple days and Hurricane Sally hit just to the west of us. No power, no water, no supplies, and trees blocking us in. Very little cell service and radio stations out. Now an opportunity of our own in our backyard. Most everyone has trees down and a lot of leaking roofs. But, neighbors are helping neighbors, strangers just show up, with Jesus and chainsaws. We have helped many of our family, other churches and people who just looked like they needed a hand. Ministry should help spiritual needs, no doubt, but helping a family get a tree off their roof has them listening to your witness in a whole new way. We still have our contractor’s license and hope to at least help with estimates so folks can get some honest insurance money to make repairs. Several other missionaries came to help out with supplies and tree cutting. Big thanks to Mike Coupe and Kenneth Colwell.

Costa Rica is letting up on their Covid restrictions, 20 or so states are now allowed in and our prayer is Florida will be real soon. We’ve been here without our car and belongings over 7 months but please understand, God has provided and met all our needs time and time again. Hallelujah what a Savior!

Our monthly support is down 25% for the second month in a row. A lot of folks ask what we will do. We’ll get on the plane the second that God opens the door to do so. He called us to Costa Rica and we are confident He will continue to meet our needs even if the calculator or the spreadsheet lies. We are thankful for those that have stayed by their commitment when they partnered with us. Maybe you have not yet become a partner. Please consider us, even a small commitment is big when the Lord is in it. Please continue to pray, e-mail, text, Facebook message, and give. We are grateful!

In Christ,
Kevin & Sonya McCoy, Bethany and Jon


*****************************Late Breaking News****************************

Costa Rica just gave Florida the green light for Oct 15th entry and the entire U.S. for Nov 1st. We have a missions conference Oct 18, just one day, so we will be working toward a departure a few days later. Thanks for all the prayers and support through this 7 month detour!

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