McCoy Family’s June Newsletter

June 1, 2021


  • Fully supported!
  • Sonya and Jon healing fine
  • Jon’s 8th birthday
  • Witness opportunities

Prayer Requests

  • Get the Gospel out
  • Navigate restrictions and lockdowns
  • Prepare to move
  • Church projects to start

Philippians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

This is not just good advice. It is doable. We have to keep our eyes focused on Jesus. Then and only then can we stay on track and not be distracted by all that is going on in the world and in our own lives, too. For example, just in this month Sonya was bitten by the neighbor’s dog, Jon wrecked his bike and cut his arm really bad, Kevin got intestinal parasites, our car failed annual inspection and needed a bunch of work, our lawnmower broke after hitting a big rock, Covid is at an all-time high here, hospitals are over capacity and the government has brought many restrictions that affect every person and every part of life; just to name a few. But if we’re not careful these things and others will distract us all from reaching people with the gospel. Sometimes we think being McCoys ought to be an Olympic sport, ha-ha. Now back to thinking on these things. We’ve had several witness opportunities even during the lockdowns and restrictions. Four men came to our house to harvest the mangos. They were here three days. We were able to give them coffee and snacks and they all were open to us giving them gospel booklets in Spanish. A man helps us with yard work and general clean up once a week. His wife and daughter have been saved recently so he is always willing to listen to verses shared and anything written we offer him he receives. The children that were recently saved still come to our house here and there and spend time with Bethany and Jon. There are people at Wal-Mart and the post office and the gas station and the markets, every one with a soul needing Jesus.

We are waiting to move to the new town for a few more weeks. We have been attending the new church for over a month and are really enjoying it. The people have welcomed us and we are made to feel included and a part already. Bethany and Jon have plugged in with their age groups and we have been into several homes of the staff and their families. Jon had his 8th birthday on the 13th. Because of the restrictions only small groups could gather so really nothing special for him party wise. After a week of lock down, a family in town treated us to a day at a pool/park. It was a nice change from being cooped up and limited to where we could go and what we could do and whom we could see.

We received the medical equipment and supplies needed for the first aid, CPR, AED part of the training curriculum. A company in Birmingham, Alabama donated 7 CPR manikins and gave us discounts on everything else. Thank you Go Rescue! Now we study, practice and prepare for our instructor certifications in that area. Our Spanish is improving a little more all along and we get more used to the country and culture differences. We continue to make friends and build relationships in the church and the community.

From Sonya –
I want to thank each of you for all of your prayers and support. It is such an encouragement when we, I, receive a text or message from one of you. The kids love hearing from their friends also. They both got to talk to friends and family a couple of times this month, which they love. We were able to Face Time with our big kids and their families, also. We praise the Lord for technology, as it is so nice to talk to and see family! The kids and I keep busy with school each day and keeping up with housework. Our day at the park/pool was a nice change and very relaxing and very needed for each of us. The kids were exhausted when we got home!

We do not have to do any of this, we get to. It is our pleasure and reasonable service. As we spoke with our sending pastor in Florida this past week, we will keep working until Jesus comes! Difficulties and setbacks are opportunities, too.

Thank you all for your commitment to the Lord’s work here and your faithfulness to pray for us and to give. We do not take our partnership for granted but are truly grateful!

In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany and Jon

Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694

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