McCoy Family in February

February 2020

2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.
We can and will do what God has called us to do. Not because we are anything in and of ourselves. Only because God Himself gives us strength and courage as His children to be soldiers in His army and now the time draws near for our deployment. There is an all-out war going on for the souls of men and I beg you to get in the fight.

January was a blur. Our meetings have almost come to a halt with only being in 4 churches this month and 2 presentations. Kevin did have the opportunity to attend the Men’s Prayer Conference in Samson, AL with the men from our home church. A much needed few days of fellowship and renewal.

We signed a 1-year contract on a rental house in Costa Rica that began January 1st. Kevin got to stay in the house from January 17-24 while there helping a work team from Indianapolis Baptist Temple, one of our supporting churches. The house is perfect for our family. It has room for everyone and homeschooling and a big yard for the kids with lots of mature fruit trees. We prayed for a house close to the church and school and then left the results up to God. As is His fashion we got much more than we asked for and in our budget too! VBS at Iglesia Bautista Victoria de Atenas was a huge success with the help of the crew from Indianapolis. 3 young people were saved and many of the neighbors were reached with the Gospel. The work project was pouring a footer and laying block for a retaining wall. Behind the wall is a fire pit, several picnic areas and space for another classroom hopefully in the near future.

The vocational school building is real close to being complete. The screen walls and doors are done, as are 2 bathrooms and a shower. The electrical is real close. We’ve been able to buy quite a few new industrial tools and are taking a lot we already had. All these will ship with our household items and our Jeep on February 6th. So we continue to pack and label and thin things out up to the last minute.

Our needed monthly support is still in the 90 something percent. We are still praying and believing God will bring in the rest before we leave the last week of March- in 7 weeks. We also need approx. $8100 in additional moving and settling expenses. Some costs have gone up and some things we were uninformed about have come to light. Why worry when we can pray and trust God?

We plan to stay in the Pensacola area until March 2nd then we plan to make a loop visiting some of our supporters and family one last time before our plane ride south.

Thank you each and every one for the prayers, encouragement, and faithful giving.
In Christ,
Kevin and Sonya McCoy

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