McCoy Family in December 2021

December 2021

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  • Eight additional instructors
  • Support Steady
  • Move is coming together

Prayer Requests

  • Transition
  • Training center to produce fruit
  • Housing in our new area of service

Hebrews 13:7

Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.

Continually think on those in leadership that teach you in word and are doers in deed. Follow their Christ like example. Leaders are still men and will fail us at times. Make it a priority to hold them up in prayer and encourage them often and let them know you have their back.

November was missions emphasis month at Iglesia Bautista el Calvario de San Ramon. Several of the missionaries came and spoke in person. The rest sent videos. God continues to be at work in Latin America and is empowering His servants to share the gospel, make disciples, and send others out to do likewise. I heard it said recently, who cares about your church’s seating capacity; it’s sending capacity is what matters. Are we seeing people saved? Are we making them disciples and helping them discover their spiritual gifts and then allowing and encouraging them to use them? Are we sending anyone out to do the same elsewhere? If not we need to get on the ball and ASAP! Hopefully missions has not just become routine and part of our tradition but impacts our community as we train and send out difference makers, and all for God’s glory.

Now, three of us have our temporary residency. Bethany’s file got lost in the immigration system so we get to go there in person on Kevin’s birthday and hopefully get it all straightened out. Kevin got to speak to the youth again with the emphasis on personal Bible study. Today we will certify eight additional instructors for the vocational training center. Five of these men are pastors and are from four different churches. Looking back to that Hebrews 13:7 verse, these men choose to lead their people from the front and set the example. On top of pastoring and leading their homes they have teamed up to see their people trained in vocational areas adding tools to their toolboxes. We thank God for sending each of them our way. Moving forward we plan to continue in the administrator role and future support, but in the near future the training center here will be totally operated by the Costa Rican locals. They will do their own fishing, as we say. We will be heading to repeat the process, starting another training center and hopefully another, and another.

We did enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving Day with all the food and fun. Several missionary families came together for a time of thanking God for His goodness and mercy, and then a huge meal with all the fixings plus some new ones from here. The young people played some board games and had endless nerf gun war. It was a nice break for all and a good time of fellowship.

Our plan to team up with Caribbean Partnership Mission is coming together. We have begun the process to pack and sell things, and donate some more that we can’t send back. We are looking for housing in Florida in the general area of Ocala. This will be a centralized location that will help us cover the most ground and be close to the airplane for the Caribbean response and relief work we will be involved in. We will be back in the U.S. mid-month and will see most of our family through the Christmas holidays. Kevin has several training days scheduled for early January and a short trip to St. Croix January 17-21. Not much time to breathe but like Jesus said, we must be about our Father’s business. We believe these crazy times are a reminder of how short time really is.

Thank you all so much for the love and support we continue to receive. We are truly encouraged and are thankful for your partnership.

In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany & Jon McCoy

Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694

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