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November/December 2019

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

“…first gave their own selves to the Lord,”
II Corinthians 8:5b

November was spent planning, shopping, and decorating for the Holiday Season. This year our Christmas theme was “Love as He Loved, Give as He Gave,” and we planned a month of activities to encourage everyone to get involved.
As soon as the church was decorated, the choir began working on a program based on our theme. They also prepared for an evening of caroling. They visited some of the shut-ins in our community, sang, and left a gift. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to share Christ’s love and give of themselves. Then, as a church, we began delivering gifts to the elderly and delivered the monthly food baskets. Invitations to the special Christmas services were also handed out
The Sunday evening before Christmas, we gathered together to light the Advent Wreath and take communion, “In Remembrance of Him.” On Christmas morning, the church was full, and the children had a part in the choir’s presentation of “He Gave Everything.” During the invitation, Robert challenged everyone with the question, “What will you give Jesus?” Many came with an offering and promises to give more of themselves to the One who gave everything.
The last service of 2019 was our Old Year Service. Many people in the community made their way to church seeking to start the New Year off in God’s House. This service is always a blessing to us because we are encouraged to see all the visitors and know that God is still working in hearts.
We wish you the very best this Holiday Season. May we continue to work together to give more of ourselves to the Lord in 2020.

In Christ,
The Mathenas

Grenada, West Indies

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