March 2022 for the Frederick Family

March 2022


Greetings from Thailand,

Building Update: Great News! We were able to contact the seller of the building directly and it turns out he is a Christian! He offered to sell us the building at the previous price of approximately $165,000. He promised to not raise the price for us this year. In addition he has offered to pay the transfer fees which will be about $3000. This is great news as we are at $80,000 towards purchasing this property. We are halfway there! As an aside, after sharing the price increase with a supporting pastor, he said he would pray that the Lord would reduce the price, to which I scoffed that, “This is Thailand. That never happens.” Two days later the owner agreed to the old price! Sometimes we need to be reminded who is on the throne! We would love to be able to finish this project in the coming months. We are ready as the Lord provides the remaining $80,000. If you are interested in helping us purchase this building by the end of the year, you can send special offerings of any amount via PayPal, or directing a donation to Central Missionary Clearinghouse (our preferred method), or contact me to let me know of a pledge via email or phone (stateside number 864-561-5217).

New Life Baptist Church. February 25th we had an ordination service for Dtom. He was unanimously approved and moves into the position of associate pastor. We will co-pastor for the coming future to help him transition into the role of pastor. There are numerous cultural hurdles that we must pass in order for him to have legitimacy; especially in the community. This was an exciting time for our church. Missionaries and pastors from throughout Thailand honored us by attending this special event. One missionary described it like “actually seeing Big Foot.”

Please pray for us to have wisdom during these difficult times of ministry, to be faithful in God’s appointed task, and not be weary in well-doing.


Your missionaries,
Michael & Francisca Frederick

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