Holmquists’ Missions Prayer Update

October 2021

Pastor Rober and Family
Last January I had the amazing opportunity to leave the urban jungle of Rio and go spend a week in the jungles of Brazil’s massive Amazon Rainforest. Years ago, a Brazilian Indian named Rober obeyed God’s call to leave his tribe and study at a Seminary in the south of Brazil. The sacrifice and dedication that it took for him to do that is a tribute to God’s sustaining grace. In God’s providence, while he was raising support for his family to return to the Amazon as a missionary, he lived in Rio. His family was a great asset to the ministry here in Rio in the initial phases of the church plant. Upon his return to the Amazon, God opened up an opportunity for me and Todd, a builder from the US, to visit and help with building and preaching. 

The Burden – Church Leader who Pleaded for Training
While we were in the Amazon we met several native Brazilians who shared with us their love for Christ and their burden for their people. One of the church leaders, with tears in his eyes, pleaded for more opportunities for theological training. Their throats are parched with thirst for God’s word – they simply lack opportunity in their language. I left with a heavy burden in my heart. This is a people group that still does not have the complete Word of God in their native tongue and there are other villages nearby along the Amazon River which do not have a gospel preaching church. 

The Plan
When I shared this burden with a friend, he commented, “You might not be able to start a seminary for them right now, but you can certainly go teach the Word.” That advice planted a seed in my heart for how we could help. The plan is simple. I’d like to take a small group of Brazilian Pastors and construction workers once a year for 10 days to this area in the Amazon. We will teach one or more module classes which will be translated from Portuguese into the Ticuna language by our Indian friend Rober. The classes will deal with topics such as Bible interpretation, systematic theology, church leadership, and current issues relevant to Brazilian Indian Culture. While the pastors teach, the construction team will work on Rober’s home and the church building which is in desperate need of repair. In the future we’d like to begin construction of Rober’s dream for a Christian Camp.

It is a humble plan but it has the potential for lasting spiritual impact. Rober is thrilled with the idea. Please seek God’s face with us in prayer as we plan for the first trip in early 2013. On future trips, I’d love to see this develop in such a way that people skilled in teaching and construction could come from the US to help too. In order to help fund the travel costs for the group and provide some construction materials we will need about $4000. We know that our God can supply all of our needs. Should the Lord prompt you to help financially with this, donations may be designated for the Holmquist’s “National Assistance Fund” and sent to the following address:

Baptist Mid-Missions
P.O. Box 308011
Cleveland, OH 44130-8011.

Thank you for your love and care in the Lord.

Brendan Holmquist

©2012 Brendan Holmquist – BMM | P.O. Box 308011 Cleveland, OH 44130-8011

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