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June 24, 2019

Special Prayer Requests

We are finishing our travels in the USA and God has blessed us with safety and good meetings with many of our supporters. We do have two urgent prayer requests. First of all, please pray for Frances’ visa to return to Thailand. We have our tickets in hand but are still waiting for her visa. We leave for Thailand on July 10th, so time is getting short. Secondly, please pray for my (MIke’s) back. I have been having back pain for quite a while since returning to the USA in May and it has gotten progressively worse. It is making our travel difficult as sitting, walking, and even standing up can be very painful. Needless to say, 24 hours traveling back to Thailand is a problem as well. Please be in prayer for these two issues. As always, we thank you for being part of our team as we continue serving the Lord in Thailand. God bless as you serve him.

Michael Frederick
219-669-2821 (Furlough phone number)
864-640-4654 (Skype number)
66-86-183-1575 (Field phone number).



July 1, 2019

Answered Prayer!!

Just a short note to thank you for praying for us. The Lord answered your prayers almost immediately. Within 24 hours of sending the prayer request, Frances’ passport was in the mail. Her visa was rejected because of a technicality so she will need to travel to Manila within 30 days of arrival in Thailand. But she has her passport in hand and we can travel together. My back was hurting so bad, I could hardly walk when I sent the request. Within a day, it doesn’t hurt at all! Thank you for praying for us.
We will be finishing this furlough on 10 July. Please pray for our return to Thailand and our church plant. May God bless you for your faithfulness,

Mike & Frances Frederick

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