Fredericks in June 2016

June 2016

Dear praying partners,

Praise the Lord that the rains have finally come and we have been getting lots of water. We are still in a water crisis but it is looking better with every rain. Like the weather, our ministry has come through a particularly dry patch but hopefully has turned the corner.

The young man who I mentioned in our last prayer letter has been faithfully attending services. He was also baptized recently. He won’t be able to attend Bible Institute because of his university schedule, but praise the Lord for a faithful young man with a desire to grow in the Lord.

Bible Institute: We recently finished our third semester. We have just started the first course of Systematic theology. It is a joy to teach eager students the Word of God and the importance of proper doctrine. Although our current students are all female, we praise the Lord for church members with a hunger for the Word of God. These young ladies will be part of a strong foundation for our church for years to come. Please continue to pray that the Lord will lead men to want to study God’s Word and have a desire for ministry. Most churches in Thailand have very few if any men. We do not want to be the ones who call anyone into ministry, but that the Lord would stir hearts.

Church Events: We recently had the privilege of traveling to another Northern province to celebrate the fourth anniversary of a sister church. We took nine of our church members with us to help the missionary pass out tracts and just try to encourage the new members of this church. All of our members that went paid their own expenses to be a blessing to this church, which is 5 hours from us. What a blessing to see Christians with a heart to reach and bless others. With that thought in mind, we are planning on a missions trip to Cambodia in January 2017. Each of the people wanting to go must fund their own expenses. It is estimated to cost about 10,000 Baht (about $280) each. We will be helping a missionary in Cambodia to distribute literature, work on the church property and any other things we can think of to be a blessing. When considering the cost, it seems rather cheap, but our folks average about 10000-15000 a month. So that would be like an American raising $4000 or more to go on a missions trip. A few folks that have found out about the trip have expressed an interest in helping. If the Lord leads to help, we would use any donations to help the group (outside of my expenses). We would ask that no one supports an individual, but helps the group. All are sacrificing. You can designate any special gifts to our mission board.

Missions Conference: As far as our missions program is concerned, we recently had a faith promise missions conference. What a blessing that our church was able to take on our second missionary. We currently support Tom Britten, who is sent from our church to England and we now support a missionary from the Philippines who is church planting in Thailand. Our church is small but has a huge heart for others and understands that we as church need to reach out. It is humbling to serve such a group of believers.

Truck: We praise the Lord for about $1500 that churches and people have given for us to use toward another vehicle. We are still need about $3500 in order to have an appropriate down payment. If anyone would like to donate to this project you can send funds to BWMOM and designate them as Frederick Vehicle. We are so thankful for those who have already given.

Please prayer for: Mike’s students and fellow teachers for salvation; backslidden members to return or find a good church; Hannah (our youngest daughter) for her college school bill and her university studies; bible school students and myself (teaching them clearly); wisdom in ministry matters; results of outreach; and fundraising for Cambodia missions trip.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him

For Christ in Thailand,
Mike & Francis Frederick facebook: thaimissions and/or

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