Fredericks in Aug. 2016

August 2016

Thailand just had a referendum on the new military guided constitution.  Thailand has averaged a new constitution about once every four years since the 1930’s.  We try to stay out of politics as much as possible.  But the new constitution will basically pave the way for a military-appointed prime minister and allow the military a very heavy hand in the rule of the country.  However, more concerning than this is the push to make Buddhism the official religion of the country.  It is difficult to know just how much traction this is getting, but it is brought up often.  Please pray that Thailand will remain open for the preaching of the Gospel now and in the future.

Church Events: As I mentioned in our last letter, we will be leading a missions trip to Cambodia in January 2017 (not 2016 as I mistakenly said in the last letter).  We have had several folks give special offerings to use in this endeavor.  We will be departing on January 24th and returning to Thailand on 3 February.  Lord willing we will be visiting three churches, two in Phnom Penh and one in Kampong Chom.  This is a great opportunity to expand the vision of many of our church folks and be an encouragement to those involved in church planting in Cambodia.  In spite of being neighbors, these are two very distinct countries politically, culturally, and historically.  There has not always been the best of relations between the two neighbors.  This is our Samaria and we feel burdened for them.  We already have a missionary sent form our church raising support to go to England. What a blessing if the Lord would call someone to go to one of our neighboring countries.  We are praying that this will increase the burden and desire to see churches planted, not just in Thailand but abroad as well.  The trip will cost about $280 per person.  Everyone is sacrificially saving money to pay their way, but as you might imagine, it is a difficult and sacrificial task to effectively save a month of income for a one week ministry trip.  If anyone would like to help in this endeavor, you can designate special offerings to “Frederick Missions Trip” and send them to our mission board at BWMOM.  All funds will go to our church members.  My wife and I will save and pay our own way. Feel free to contact me directly at for more information.

Vehicle:  We praise the Lord for about $2000 that churches and individuals have given for us to use toward another vehicle.  We still need about $3000 in order to have an appropriate down payment.  I always hate to ask for help, but this is becoming more of a need with every passing repair bill on our older vehicle.  If anyone would like to donate to this project you can send funds to BWMOM and designate them as Frederick Vehicle.  We are so thankful for those who have already given.

Outreach:  Mike will be teaching at the University again this semester.  He should have about 70 students.  We will be having game nights and movie nights to try to make better connections with the students.  Additionally, our helpers are continuously teaching in a local elementary school.  Together we are reaching many youths.  In addition to this we have been dabbling in Facebook advertising.  Our first ad was a salvation testimony by a Thai Pastor.  For about $20 we were able to reach over 1500 Facebook accounts within 10 miles of our church and the video was viewed by more than 400 people.  We are continuing this unique outreach by posting interesting questions and answers weekly.  Not quite sure of the effectiveness, but considering the specialized target area and cost (i.e. inexpensive), this is an exciting area to investigate.

Please pray for:  Mike’s students and fellow teachers for salvation, backslidden members to return or find a good church, Hannah (our youngest daughter) for her college school bill and her university studies, Bible school students and myself (for teaching them clearly), Al Allshouse (our associate) for ability in learning Thai, wisdom in ministry matters, results of outreach, fundraising for Cambodia missions trip, and funds to purchase another vehicle.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him

For Christ in Thailand,
Mike & Francis Frederick

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