Bro. Valbuena’s Letter

June 2021

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Greetings from the Philippines.

The Lord is mightily blessing the ministry and our family. We are seeing God move in absolutely unbelievable ways during this time. Sam and Eliza, our two youngest are doing good. We praise God for the good health he has given us. I (Odek) have not had any issues lately with my head hurting although it is still unclear what was going on. Our eldest daughter Hannah and her husband Ruel are who we depend on in the ministry of Subic Bay Children’s Home. They are praying to go to the States soon to visit family; we ask for prayer for that, specifically for visas for Ruel and their son Moses. Our third child Timothy who is married and has a baby girl and another along the way is the I.T. and media person for Subic Bay Children’s Home. It is nice to have them working in the ministry of SBCHome but we continue to pray that He will surrender His life full time to the ministry. Rod, our second child, and his wife and young son are still living in Houston, TX and we miss them every day.

The Bible Institute that we started by faith in 2014 is now bearing fruit. Through the bible Institute ministry many young men have studied the Bible adeptly and have been trained and have begun pioneering missions. I would like to feature here two of those missions.

San Martin Cawag Baptist Mission is being pioneered by graduating student Bro. Ronald with the help of his classmate Bro. Dominic. They travel 1.5 hours one way on Saturdays and back again on Sundays right after our morning services. They have bible club for the children and young people on Saturdays and on Sundays they have an afternoon service. The Lord has allowed us to put up a half wall and a roof where they can worship under protection from the sun and rain. We have estimated 7k for the completion for a basic worship building for each of our pioneering mission works. We praise God and are so very happy that we have been able to put up this building with the donations that came in which was nearly 3k. To complete the building and security fence and purchase chairs 4k is what is needed and we are confident that in due time God will provide.

The next pioneering mission I would like to feature is Patmos Island Baptist Mission which is located in a fishing village right on a beach facing the west Philippine Sea. This is one of our older mission

works and we had built them a building before but out of native materials: coco lumber, bamboo and nipa hut roofing. The salty water and termites did not allow it to last long and the walls and roof are in desperate need of replacing. This need has been estimated at 1,500 to put up walls made from concrete blocks and a tin roof with steel truces. Both of these missions are being used greatly by God to bring the good news of Salvation to where there are absolutely no churches and where the people live in complete darkness.

God has greatly used PROJECT DORCAS and opened up so many new doors and ministry opportunities because of it. When we returned to the Philippines a year ago the Philippines was in strict lockdown and no one was allowed out of their homes. It was heartbreaking to see the state of desperation people were in. I was able to use my connections with the Police officers (I hold a weekly bible study at the Police Precinct) to get a special pass to purchase rice and food and deliver it to families. Annalisa spent several months going from barrio to barrio delivering sacks of rice and food to families and through this we were able to enter these homes that are darkened by sin and oppression and hold home bible studies. The Police officers would also escort us during our operations and also witnessed us preach the word of God and exalt the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the beneficiaries. Most recently we received a letter from the main headquarters appointing us as Regional Officers over the whole of Central Luzon; I for the faith-based organizations, and Annalisa for Women’s Organization. The region is composed of 7 provinces and we are honored by God’s grace and how God just continues to broaden our coast of ministry.

We praise and thank God always for you, our faithful supporters, who continue to pray for us and financially support us as we do the work of the Lord. May God bless you abundantly.

In Christ Name,
Bro. Rodrigo “Odek” Valbuena & Family

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