Bob & Sylvia Ellis: Mexico Missions

June 2017

Dear Pastor, Church Family and Friends,

I am on the board of a ministry named the Mexico Mission Special Support Fund (MMSS Fund). At our annual board meeting in late April I was voted to serve as the General Director of the ministry.

The MMSS Fund helps young men in Mexico attend Bible college. We pay $100.00 per month toward their school bill. This covers 85% to 90% of tuition, room and board. Our purpose is to help young men who are called to preach, not the Bible colleges themselves. However, we do send the $100.00 per month for each young man we have agreed to help to the college he attends. This way we avoid putting a temptation before the young man to pay for another pressing need rather than his school bills.

We help only those who have completed a year of college and meet the guidelines we have given to the college. Each young man must:

       1. give a positive testimony of his Salvation experience;
       2. testify to a definite call to preach;
       3. have a servant attitude;
       4. be involved in extension ministries during his freshman year of college;
       5. be committed to planting churches in Mexico; and
       6. maintain good grades.

Upon graduation and involvement in a church planting ministry, the young man will receive support from the Fund for two years at $100.00 per month. The first young man the MMSS Fund is supporting graduated from Bible college in May, 2016. He is involved in a new church plant which now has six families attending.

Replacing retiring missionaries has been a concern for a number of years, coupled with the rising cost of sending American young people to other lands. New approaches to obeying the Great Commission should be considered.

In a five-year period the MMSS Fund invests approximately $5,000.00 in a young man who knows the language and customs of his homeland. To send an American couple, with their education costing $160,000.00 ($20,000.00 each year), plus the cost of their deputation, expenses could easily reach near $200,000.00. At some point, they would need to go to language school and also learn the culture and customs before becoming truly effective in ministry in a foreign country.

I trust you will consider the MMSS Fund as mission dollars become available in your ministry. My primary ministry will be raising funds for the MMSS Fund.

I covet your prayers for us in this ministry.

In His service.
Bob Ellis

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