Bob Dayton – July 2017

July 2017



One of the most rewarding blessings I could have as a missionary is to prepare great men of GOD to win souls and build churches throughout NICARAGUA. This is what missions is all about. Each SUNDAY these men have over 2,000 in Sunday School.



Mission work has its rewords. These 55 years serving in Nicaragua has been the most wonderful calling that any man could ever have. Thank you for your prayers.

On Jun 14, 2017, Oscar Batres wrote:

Hi Brother Dayton,

So I have a crazy story for you.

About 50 years ago my wifes grandmother heard the gospel by American missionaries to Nicaragua. Turns out you’re that missionary.

The beautiful thing is my wife’s mother immigrated to the United States in the 80s and had a daughter, who is now my wife. They presented the gospel to me, a catholic by tradition. At that point I was 25 and did not know who Jesus was or what He did for me. But guess what Brother! I got saved! That was about six years ago. At present time I feel the Lord has called me to preach and am praying for His direction.

It’s crazy how your labor in Nicaragua saved souls in the United States. I have four children and am making sure to instruct them in the ways of the Lord daily. I would love to hear from you and maybe send pictures so you can see your fruits! Praise the Lord.

In Jesus name,

I will bring you up to date on our river work to the Mesquite Indians. We need $200 a month to support Jonny and the river work. God has answered prayer and we have another missionary supporting the cost of renting the house. Jonny is seeing souls saved. He is living with the Indian people full time.

I have prayed and trusted GOD to help us reach the unreached. My heart rejoices in answers to prayer. Please pray with me that soon we will have regular services in the village. Thank you for all the years of support and prayers.

Your missionary,
Bob Dayton

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