April Update From The Mortensons

April 2021

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support for our family.  We are grateful for each one of you, and for your part in what the Lord is doing here.  Last month I asked prayer for our upcoming missions conference.  Thank you for your prayers for this specifically.  We had a great conference and were blessed to have two missionary families from Central America as special guests.  These families (one from El Salvador going to Nicaragua, and the other from Honduras going to Haiti) were a great blessing and help in our focus of reaching the ends of the world.  It is very exciting to see how God is working to call people from one mission field to another.  Really it is no different for us as Americans in the States.  America is a mission field and yet God’s desire is that all would hear the gospel and that all would have a part in taking the gospel to the world.  As we analyze our missions giving as a church it is our prayer to be able to help these two families (and others that God will call) reach those that still have not heard.

This has been a busy year so far and we are thankful that the Lord has given grace as we continue navigating COVID measures from the government.  Our Sunday attendance has been growing/becoming more consistent and we thank the Lord for that.  In April we look forward to what God will do for his glory.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers.



  • For the Lord to help us continue to grow in our Spanish speaking abilities, and be able to better minister for the Lord.
  • For continued spiritual growth in our church family.
  • For continued tenderness to the Gospel, and that people would turn to Christ.
  • For the continuing recovery process in the aftermath of the hurricanes.

From Honduras,

Nate and Cori with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna

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