A Muindi Letter

January 2014

Dear Ministry Partners 

We thank God for your faithfulness in the agreement that exists between you and us in the matter of giving in partnership and participation in our common goal of spreading the gospel. We do also express our gratitude for your recent Christmas cards and gifts as well as your pattern of generous support for us and the missionary work here. It is our Christian mandate to reach out to the unsaved and be born again and to teach them to grow spiritually. We do appreciate your efforts, support, and understanding of the pain and agony that involves the process.

As we begin the New Year, 2014, we thank God for the opportunity and privilege to serve Him in the 2013. We look back at the things accomplished in preaching, teaching, Bible Studies, Fellowships, VBS, activity days, special days, positive response to biblical counseling as well as negative responses, financial constraints, pressures of life from within and without, national as well as international fears and challenges, etc., and we praise God for His strength and help throughout the year. We have been able to see changes in peoples’ lives toward maturity, salvation, baptism, and membership.

We have been privileged to present the word of God through a local Radio Station and it has been effective and encouraging. The growing children ministry demands for more room and we are thankful for the facilities we have at the moment, hoping for a better tomorrow with God’s help. 2013 ended on a high note with Children’s activity day, seven being baptized, and Christmas special service that were all well attended.

We began this month of January 2014 with evaluation of our opportunities and ministries and we are overwhelmed with what can be done. We are trying to spread out ministry work as we face the New Year hoping to see more involvement and commitment. This month has been focused on Sunday school teacher’s Training which ended on Saturday, February 1, 2014. We have seen the effectiveness of this ministry in reaching out to children and families.

Please pray for family strength in dealing with normal family needs and ministry needs as well. Pray for our aging parents as we trying to encourage and offer support in their late years of life. Pray for the process and the foundational work for the building projects this year. Pray for effective summer ministries with different groups joining us on a short-term basis this year.

Obtaining a work permit now in Kenya is becoming difficult and complicated with a list of demands. If one is issued  for two years, it is not renewable and you must demonstrate that no national can do what you will be doing and must be here to train someone to do that work after the two years. Also, one must prove with relative documents that he/she is an expert in the area of concern. Foreign missionaries and other non-government organizations are finding it hard to renew their permits. Please pray for God’s guidance as we seek and call for more workers in our field.

We thank you all for such a massive support in ministry despite challenges faced and obstacles of which God has triumphed on our behalf and for His glory. Your Christmas and family Cards were of great encouragement to us and your Christmas gifts met our family financial needs that have been pending for some time. We love you all and we do cherish your ministry support.

In His Wings,

Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena
Ruth 2:12

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