A Holmquist Letter

January 2014

Dear Friends,

2014 has come in like a lion. We’ve had multiple car problems, a strange insect infestation, big ministry disappointments, periods without water and/or electricity in 90-100 degree weather, and unresolved health problems, to name some of the challenges. We understand that our situation could be far worse – we’ve read Adoniram Judson’s and Corrie ten Boom’s biographies. And we are definitely thankful for the blessings and victories God has granted in the midst of trials. But sometimes when you are in a pit, it is hard to recognize that the sun is still shining above and you must call out for help. So we come to you humbly asking for your prayers to God in our behalf. Our families, colleagues here and mission board, among others, have helped us tremendously already. As I said 2014 has come in like a lion – I suspect that behind many of the things that have happened there is the influence of a lion – a lion that walks about seeking whom he may devour. But we know that there is a greater Lion – the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is also our sacrificial Lamb, and nothing escapes His control.

Notes of Praise:

▪ Pastor Jose and I have been meeting with a couple (Antonio and Dalva) and studying the book of John. Some weeks ago they both bowed and trusted in Christ as Savior.

▪ One of two trucks was moved from the future church property. When the second truck is moved, we can begin construction of a wall around the property. We are still well short of the $30,000 Building Fund goal but we are encouraged by those who have been able to contribute.

Prayer Requests:

▪ A young man named David Forbes has been with us for about three weeks for a mission trip before his last semester of college. He’s definitely not getting a sugarcoated view of missionary life! His flexibility and help during these times has been a blessing. His messages have ministered to my heart even as I translated them for some of the churches in Rio and I know they have ministered to the people here in Brazil. Pray for God’s future direction for his life.

▪ Pray for Rio’s Annual Youth Summer Camp that will be held at the end of February.

Love in Christ,
The Holmquists

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