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The Mathenas' Prayer Letter

Thank you for praying!

January – April 2011

Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world.”    John I6:33b

The New Year tuned with fourteen saved in our Old Year Service, and our church family dedicated to cleaning up their lives in the New Year! As a church, we started memorizing verses from Psalm 51. Everyone is excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in this New Year.

Mid-January a young man who was recently released from prison became a nuisance in our community.  He began loitering around the area schools and our church and was interfering with the young girls. He left when Robert asked him to. But he came back later that night and broke two windows and the windshield of the church van. He is back in prison, but we have been without transportation for months. Our thanks go to all of the churches who sent gifts to help repair the damage in this trying time.

February 7th is the Grenadian Independence Day, and we have included a picture of the pre-school children dressed in their patriotic colors. Carrie had special activities and a cook-out for the children to celebrate the day. Please remember Carrie in your prayers as she enrolls three year olds for next year! Already a prospective student's mother has received Christ as her Savior.

Easter was a busy lime for the church and school. We handed out candy filled eggs and encouraged the community that Easter is an excellent time to visit our church. Then Easter morning, we had a Sunrise Service and breakfast that concluded with two receiving Christ as Savior.

Even with the tribulations of the New Year, it is exciting to see God at work in the village of Loretto. We are thankful to be a part of the ministry and are thankful to you for making our presence here possible.

In Christ,

The Mathena's
Grenada. West Indies


Fredericks' May 2011 Prayer Letter

May 2011

Psalms 27:14 – Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

This is a passage that encourages me because often serving the Lord involves waiting on the Lord which doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Yet it is a joy to see the Lord break through and work in people’s hearts. Does this mean I have some spectacular news to report? No. It just means I am waiting patiently on the Lord and based on what He has done, I know that He is and will continue to work.

New Life Baptist, Chiang Mai: We were able to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with a sunrise service at a local river. After singing, praying, some preaching, and taking communion together, we returned to church to eat breakfast, fellowship and celebrate the Lord’s resurrection with our regularly scheduled services. We were pushing for a big weekend and had one new unsaved adult visitor! We were also pleasantly surprised at the efforts of one of our ladies to bring several children to church. Unbeknownst to us, she had been doing a Bible club at her home with several neighborhood children, and their parents finally consented to allow them to come to church (mostly 10-12 year olds). This is exactly the kind of effort a church planter wants to see. Often everything rides on the back of the church planter and his programs and efforts. It is therefore a great joy to see the church members taking the initiative in serving the Lord.

Newsletter Ministry: We have been humbled by the many gifts for the newsletter printing that we have received. As a result, almost all of our planned newsletters have been paid for. We are currently editing our final edition; we plan to print 12,000 copies which is twice as many as normal (6000 copies). It will be a special edition containing the testimonies and pictures of many of our members. We are hoping to have a few testimonies in the Northern Thai dialect as well. We trust this will prove to be a good capstone to the foundation laid in the previous newsletters. Please pray that the Lord will use this ministry to penetrate the Thai heart.

Family News: I am happy to say that Matthew (our second oldest) has become engaged to a lovely young French lady who attends university in Chiang Mai. They will be getting married on January 7th, 2012 in Chiang Mai. Please pray for them as they make preparations to embark on a life of service together for the Lord.

Prayer requests: Please pray for the professors Mike works with: Aom, Ying, Noh, and Ann for salvation. Also, pray for Mike’s new students this term (names unknown as of yet). Also continue to pray for the many backsliden: Ahm, Mae, Bhun, Ayima, Maem, and Ann. Pray for the Bible school students: Tom, Matt, Tiang, Dtom, Katae, and Somsri. Pray for the Sullivant family as they seek the Lord’s direction for their future ministry. They have been such a blessing to our church in the two years they have attended language school, and we will be sorry to see them leave but excited about their future ministry.

We pray God’s blessing on you as you continue to faithfully serve the Lord!

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick BWMOM, Thailand


Anderson’s October 2010 Prayer Letter

Recently my (Kathy’s) aunt was diagnosed with cancer. When she found out that it had reached her lungs and she just had a few months to live, she sat down and wrote an e-mail to friends and family expressing her HOPE even during this time. Part of the e-mail read:
“While God has not promised to show us every answer, He has given us promises for life that we can ultimately trust Him with throughout our lifetimes:

*Before the foundation of the world God loved me and appointed a plan to bring me to Himself.
*Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross to die for the sins of men and purchase a place for me in Heaven.
*I have been born for such a time as this, my birth, life and death is in God’s perfect time to accomplish His best for the world through me and His best for me.
*Nothing can separate me from the love of God, not sin, pain, cancer or death.
*God will never leave or forsake me but goes through all of life’s trial and joys along side of me.
*God knows the past, present and future, nothing surprises Him and He works all things for my good because I am called according to His purpose.
*Jesus has gone to prepare a place for me and promises that He will carry me into His glorious presence that I may live in eternity with Him.”

I was so impressed by her clear testimony of Hope and Peace that I found verses for each of these Promises and used this e-mail as an outline for a Ladies Bible Study that I was teaching during the month of September in a sister church. After the meeting, a lady approached me and said that she was new there and that she was concerned because she really did not have that same peace and she was not sure she was a child of God. I was able to show Yelka from the Bible how she could and she accepted Christ as her Personal Savior. That same week I shared this with our 11-13 year old youth group and then in the class I have with the Moms from La Molina Christian Schools. Each time those that heard it were definitely impacted. God can use even the most difficult situations to accomplish His will.

Prayer Requests:
1. After many years of paperwork, La Molina Christian Schools has permission to build on our own property. Please pray that we will be able to have enough done to start out the 2011 School Year there. Our contract is up on our present location in February and we definitely need to move on. As you know a project this size involves a large sum of money. We see this 2.5 million as an investment in the lives of future pastors, missionaries, lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians and others with a Biblical Worldview that will have an impact around the world. Please pray about how God would like for you to be involved in the ministry. We always have a need for teachers, as well……so come join us!
2. After 3 years of praying, God provided enough for us to buy a van. Now we just need your help to pray that we can get our van out of customs! It has been there since April and does not seem to be budging. We know that God is in control and we pray that He will work in the hearts of those who are not allowing us to get it out.
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