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Bob Dayton’s April Prayer Letter

April 2020

Three years ago we organized Bethel Baptist Church in Managua, Nicaragua. We are seeing revival. I am working with Pastor Lopez, pastor of the church.


We as a group of pastors get together every three months. The pastors have led hundreds to the Lord every month. Please pray for us. Please pray for the growth of our work.


We need to build two churches. We urgently need $5,000 for property. Please pray for God to supply this need.

I close my letter by saying we are praying for protection from the coronavirus. We are praying for you, my supporters. May God protect you.

Your missionaries,
Bob and Sabina Dayton

The Valbuenas’ Prayer Letter

January – April 2020

We have nothing but praises! God has been with us from the beginning of our Furlough till the end. God has provided us with travelling mercies as we have put on over 27,000 miles on our Rental Van. Speaking of the van, we have been blessed to rent the van from Righteous Rides a ministry catering to missionaries specifically on furlough or deputation. We have also been blessed to visit and speak in over 90 churches. Back in December I reported three churches who committed partnering with us in support and now we praise God for the addition of nine more. We pray that God will bless the partnership with these additional supporting churches:

Jackson Memorial Baptist Church – Campobello, SC
Pinehaven Baptist Church – Pensacola, FL
True Gospel Independent Baptist Church – Milton, FL
Pensacola Baptist Church – Pensacola, FL
Gulf Coast Baptist Church – Ft Walton Beach, FL
Old Salem Missionary Baptist Church – Center, TX
Zion Hill Baptist Church – Greenville, SC
Parkview Baptist Church – Pensacola, FL
Providence Missionary Baptist Church – Center, TX.

We, of course, praise and thank God daily for those of you who continue to faithfully support us and the ministries!
We praise God for his safe keeping during the pandemic. Our outreach ministries and outreach pastors are continuing the work. We praise God for their faithfulness!  Bro. Andrew, our outreach pastor in a nearby province, in his faithfulness has recently seen a young 12 year old, Elija Alberto come to know the Lord. Young Alberto then asked  Bro. Andrew to visit his ailing grandmother who Bro. Andrew was able to witness to and see her get saved! Young Elija is faithful and displays a great desire to know God more!!
Update on Boys Dorm Funds 2019-2020

In our last newsletter back in December we reported God’s provision of $19,052.00 USD. Annalisa and I were so excited and even talked about returning to the Philippines earlier than planned and begin construction on the foundation if the Lord provided just $10,000 USD more. Well…God’s ways are so much higher than ours! A few days after that talk our God provided $70,000 dollars through the generosity of a dear sister in the Lord! WOW! Is not our God and his children amazing?! We had way over the amount we needed to build the dorm and you already know we were ecstatic and ready to get that boys dorm built but then again God had better plans! The Lord brought back to our memory a long time prayer of ours. For many years we had been praying for a piece of property that is approximately a mile from the children’s home that already had a nice building on it. The owner built it with the intention of having a small boutique hotel in the mountains but it never really materialized so then they put it up for sale for 8 million pesos, roughly $160,000.00 US dollars. We called the Philippines and had one of our staff go back and see if the place was still for sale. Sure enough it was and the price had dropped down to 6 million pesos. 6 million is roughly $130,000.00 USD and we already had a total of $95,000.00 USD. We thought about our vision of separating the boys and girls of the children home onto separate properties all together and what a difference it would truly make. Annalisa and I prayed about it and felt really led that the Lord would want us to purchase that instead. We of course were fearful of what people would say about it all if we tried to raise an additional $35,000.00 USD. We mentioned this to several preacher friends of ours and one dear preacher friend and his wife encouraged us to tell the churches and brethren and leave the rest up to God. After several meetings later, on a Wednesday meeting in Arkansas the Lord impressed it on my heart to let them know. After the service God laid it on the heart of his people and they wrote a check for the remainder needed for the purchase of the property with the building that will hold up to 60– 80 more children! We cannot thank God enough for his loving and generous children who have stepped out on faith and have unselfishly gave towards this project! God has used each and every one of you! From the smallest gift to the largest and all those who have been faithfully praying for us!
More of God’s goodness and blessings

The Lord graciously provided all the finances needed for the repairs of the girls dorm. You may recall a typhoon came through causing a mango tree to fall on the girls dorm destroying a portion of the roof. That has been repaired and is looking brand new! Through the love gifts received while speaking in churches we have been able to completely pay off our plane tickets!
In these unprecedented times of state lock downs; jobs put on hold; cancellation of schools, church congregating prohibited and everything else that was brought about by the infamous corona virus, we have found it ever more important to “Abide in Christ”. I am sure everyone in one form or another has been affected. In our case it has been the cancellation of the remainder of our meetings and our flights back to the Philippines. At this point our flights have been cancelled and rescheduled 5 different times. Our original flight would have already had us in the Philippines by now but we are trusting God and what he has planned for all of us. Our daughter, Hannah has her hands full with the children’s home but we thank God for the staff he has placed with us to be a blessing to her in such a time as this. Our omniscient God also placed two young men who were saved and discipled under Pastor Ted and I to be leaders in the church and outreach ministry. As the song writer put it ‘I don’t know who holds tomorrow but I know who holds my hand”.
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. – John 15:5
In Christ Love,
The Valbuena Family
Your Missionary to Subic Bay Philippines

The Canters’ Recent Prayer Letter

March 2020

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, Loved Ones, and Supporting Churches:


As the cold of snow in the time of harvest,so is a faithful messenger to them that send him:for he refresheth the soul of his masters.
Proverbs 25:13


During this time of uncertainty, we pray that this prayer letter will refresh your souls. We are certainly praying for you and the United States. Kimiyo and I are in good health, and as of this writing there are no reported coronavirus cases in our prefecture. Please pray that it will stay that way.

The Bible Snow Camp was a success with 16 children and a mother and father attending. Pastor Saeki gave two wonderful Bible messages for the children. One of the older Japanese children raised his hand during the invitation wanting to learn more. Please pray for him, and also for the parents that attended.

Since the snow camp, both the Johnsons and Kimiyo and I have had multiple connections with the parents who attended the snow camp, the “W” family. Pray that these connections will continue and for the salvation of them and also for Mrs. “Y”.

Saeki-sensei preached twice at our Sunday services and encouraged our people. A month later, Pastor Nagae and his family came for services. Jun, Nagae’s wife, played the piano, and Shuro, their youngest son, played a special piano selection from memory. The preaching and the entire family were a huge blessing and help to our members. Praise God for the decisions made through the preaching of God’s Word.

Please pray for these items:

  • Our trip to Okinawa to preach at Maranatha Baptist Church and help Bro. Gardner, a BIMI missionary, with a construction project, March 30-April 10
  • Easter services, April 12

In your service for HIS Service,
Steve and Kimiyo


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