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Welcome to the new site.

Welcome to our new site. After months of research and work we are proud to introduce our new website to you. Based upon recommendations from our members and non members we’ve made several improvements to our site. Some of the changes you may not be that familiar with so I wanted to take a minute and introduce some of them to you. In later articles we will take some time and explain them in greater detail. (more…)

What is AWANA?

Where is the link between telling kids Bible stories, and teaching adults Bible doctrine? A young person sitting in a regular service for the first time may wonder what is going on. Experienced church goers have had years to learn concepts and jargon that pre-teens have never dealt with while listening to stories of David and Goliath, the good Samaritan, and Zacchaeus in the Sycamore tree. (more…)

Reviving old and planting new churches

Which is the greater miracle, giving birth or raising the dead? I am not feeling too qualified on either one of these topics, but that won’t stop me from drawing a comparison here.  I have neither given birth nor raised the dead.  Both in their own right are incredible miracles that God is involved in.  A new birth brings new life, joy, excitement and a lot of work to follow.  (more…)

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