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Anderson’s October 2010 Prayer Letter

Recently my (Kathy’s) aunt was diagnosed with cancer. When she found out that it had reached her lungs and she just had a few months to live, she sat down and wrote an e-mail to friends and family expressing her HOPE even during this time. Part of the e-mail read:
“While God has not promised to show us every answer, He has given us promises for life that we can ultimately trust Him with throughout our lifetimes:

*Before the foundation of the world God loved me and appointed a plan to bring me to Himself.
*Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross to die for the sins of men and purchase a place for me in Heaven.
*I have been born for such a time as this, my birth, life and death is in God’s perfect time to accomplish His best for the world through me and His best for me.
*Nothing can separate me from the love of God, not sin, pain, cancer or death.
*God will never leave or forsake me but goes through all of life’s trial and joys along side of me.
*God knows the past, present and future, nothing surprises Him and He works all things for my good because I am called according to His purpose.
*Jesus has gone to prepare a place for me and promises that He will carry me into His glorious presence that I may live in eternity with Him.”

I was so impressed by her clear testimony of Hope and Peace that I found verses for each of these Promises and used this e-mail as an outline for a Ladies Bible Study that I was teaching during the month of September in a sister church. After the meeting, a lady approached me and said that she was new there and that she was concerned because she really did not have that same peace and she was not sure she was a child of God. I was able to show Yelka from the Bible how she could and she accepted Christ as her Personal Savior. That same week I shared this with our 11-13 year old youth group and then in the class I have with the Moms from La Molina Christian Schools. Each time those that heard it were definitely impacted. God can use even the most difficult situations to accomplish His will.

Prayer Requests:
1. After many years of paperwork, La Molina Christian Schools has permission to build on our own property. Please pray that we will be able to have enough done to start out the 2011 School Year there. Our contract is up on our present location in February and we definitely need to move on. As you know a project this size involves a large sum of money. We see this 2.5 million as an investment in the lives of future pastors, missionaries, lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians and others with a Biblical Worldview that will have an impact around the world. Please pray about how God would like for you to be involved in the ministry. We always have a need for teachers, as well……so come join us!
2. After 3 years of praying, God provided enough for us to buy a van. Now we just need your help to pray that we can get our van out of customs! It has been there since April and does not seem to be budging. We know that God is in control and we pray that He will work in the hearts of those who are not allowing us to get it out.
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The Benefits Of The Local Church

There are so many advantages to church membership space will not permit them to be listed.   The sense of belonging to a close-knit group, the provision of a place to serve a purposeful life, and the classroom of instruction in life are just three on the list. 
Recently my mother passed away and one of the great advantages came frontcourt in my life.  The support from those who knew her and have known me made such a difference in dealing with such a loss.  The church family so overwhelmed me with sympathetic thoughts and acts of kindness it brought us through the initial days of grief.  If church were for no other benefit, than that which was mentioned, it would be worth it all.  The members sent cards, flowers, and gifts and called to check on my family during this time.  A good number traveled 125 miles to attend the funeral service in a grand show of support.  I could not imagine not having such a group of close-knit people during such a time.  These are earthly advantages that only faithful members of a church could relate to.  Of course the eternal value of belonging to the body of Christ far exceeds the best the earthly advantage could offer.  My unsolicited advice is to trust Jesus Christ as your savior and join a Bible believing church today.  You too can experience the great benefits and many more that are declared.


It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 years since BJ and Melissa left for Brazil. If you have never had the opportunity to personally meet the Holmquists allow me to introduce you to them via the web. If you do know them, did you know that the Holmquist’s just had a new baby girl? Brendan (BJ) and Melissa Holmquist were interns for Burgess Road back in 2003 (Have you seen their blog yet?) and It was during that time (more…)

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