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How to be an effective witness.

Scared… afraid… ashamed… these are some things that come to mind when approaching a person to witness and give the gospel of eternal life through Christ Jesus. However, these feelings are from the flesh and should be overcome by witnessing to a person who has a soul that will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.

Some of the best ways to witness or give the gospel to someone is to remember how you first heard the gospel yourself. Remember the passion and approach of someone taking the time to tell you the greatest news of peace, joy and comfort.

Secondly, when witnessing to someone, talk to them as a friend, not an enemy. Simply ask them if they know the Lord. A lot of times people will say yes, but their ‘yes’ may not be God’s way.

Thirdly, take time to ask them the question of how they know. Wait for their answer. If they are wrong, simply tell them the right way by going through the gospel. Always memorize key salvation verses to give back to them quickly. Remember that the Word of God being spoken by the conviction of the Holy Spirit will bring an individual to Christ if they choose to accept Him.

Also remember that you are a child of God, being used to do the work of God. A key verse that helps me throughout the day is Hebrews 13:21: “Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

What is AWANA?

Where is the link between telling kids Bible stories, and teaching adults Bible doctrine? A young person sitting in a regular service for the first time may wonder what is going on. Experienced church goers have had years to learn concepts and jargon that pre-teens have never dealt with while listening to stories of David and Goliath, the good Samaritan, and Zacchaeus in the Sycamore tree. (more…)

Reviving old and planting new churches

Which is the greater miracle, giving birth or raising the dead? I am not feeling too qualified on either one of these topics, but that won’t stop me from drawing a comparison here.  I have neither given birth nor raised the dead.  Both in their own right are incredible miracles that God is involved in.  A new birth brings new life, joy, excitement and a lot of work to follow.  (more…)

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