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Enfingers' July & August Report

July & August 2012

Greetings from Lamar and Dian Enfinger

Our latest projects were during July and August at Miracle Mountain Ranch in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania. This is a wonderful ranch for campers and for apprentices. Apprentices are graduates that live at the ranch for 1 or 2 years to gain credit for college by learning all the needs of a ranch which includes taking care of horses, working in the cafeteria, classes in Bible study, being counselors for the campers, and all the different needs of running a ranch while learning more about our Lord Jesus Christ and how they can be used in a mighty way by serving our Lord and seeking His will in their lives.

Each week in July was filled with different groups of campers. There was a lot of laughter, riding of the horses, and enjoying all the activities there. Many souls were saved and the some of the campers grew closer to the Lord. They seemed to enjoy being there so much. August was a month of graduating and lots of volunteers staying busy helping with construction.

The MMAP men stayed very busy. Lamar was coordinator of the MMAP men. His job was to keep materials supplied and work with the other men. They accomplished adding 2' of overhang on the roof area, boxed in the eaves, and built and hung two barn doors. They also made and built a book case in the Assembly Hall, built a 9' X 9' addition on the garage to house an air compressor. The final job was building a fence on two sides of the Ranch Cemetery.

We women did some proof reading for the paperwork for the graduates. It included checking all the scripture to make sure it was correctly written down and if the names of the graduates were spelled correctly.

We were blessed by our time there and was even able to stay in a caboose one Friday evening that had been converted into a motel room and the next day we rode on an old train that squealed and squeaked for an hour up and down the track. It was fun and the scenery was great. We also enjoyed the many beautiful deer running all around and the tiny little chipmunks.

How wonderful it is to be able to continue to serve our Lord in this capacity. Thanks so much for your support and especially all the prayers sent our way. Trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in JESUS, but to trust and obey.


Fredericks’ August 2012 Prayer Letter

August 2012

God is good!  It is a pleasure to serve the Lord in Thailand for the past 9 ½ years.  It is a privilege to be associated with so many missions minded churches as well.  Without all of your faithful support we couldn’t be here preaching the saving message to the Thai people.

Bible Institute:  We still have one Thai student enrolled but we have been able to start an online element to the Bible Institute.  This term three missionaries (including myself) taught courses via the internet.  Next term we should be able to offer four classes.  This is a very efficient way to teach and hopefully in the near future we will have students from around Thailand.  Next year we should have our second graduation when our two English speaking students graduate.  Teaching in Bible Institute is a big part of our ministry as we desire to train future leaders.

New Life Baptist Church:  Another long time member left the church recently to go live in another province without a church.  It breaks our hearts to see people stray far from the Lord. On a positive note we have had several visitors from Mike’s university ministry and several neighborhood visitors attend regularly as well.  The church is stable and is growing stronger but it is a long difficult road.  Our church took a missions trip to a province about 10 hours away to help distribute literature.  What a blessing that four of our members sacrificially gave to be able to help this church plant in Chaiyaphum.

University Ministry:  This term, Mike has 70 students in three classes.  It is tiring but has been a great witnessing opportunity.  Additionally Mike had the opportunity to teach English to the Thai Olympic weightlifting team.  As of this writing, no medals yet!

Missions Conference:  Please be in prayer for our church and our special speaker this September.  We will have our churches first faith promise missions’ conference.  Our church has supported one national missionary from our general budget for 3 years but we desire to be able to do more.  A veteran missionary from Bangkok will preach the conference for us.  We are praying that our members will be stirred into action and giving for the cause of missions.

New Team Member:  September 6th, Atalie Habal will join us in our ministry.  She is a single lady who has followed the Lord’s call to help teach English and minister to children in Chiang Mai.  We are excited about how she will help to expand our ministry outreach.  Please pray for her as she makes the transition to Thailand.

Prayer Requests:  The Professors Mike works with: Aom, Ying, Noh, and Daeng for salvation. Mike’s students for salvation and spiritual growth.  The Bible school students: Tom, Matt, Dtom.  You can sign-up for updates at our web site;  We pray God’s blessing as you continue to serve the Lord!

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick


Holmquists’ August 2012 Letter

August 2012

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel and for helping us by your prayers. Each week brings new challenges and new opportunities to exercise faith. Along with the spiritual stretching, God also mixes incredible blessings. We marvel at the way God works in mysterious ways. We asked you to pray that a woman named Neusa would be able to go the Annual Rio Women’s Meeting. Despite obstacles, at the last minute she resolved to go! While she was there she noticed the church’s baptistry and commented to Melissa that she was sensing her need to follow the Lord in baptism. We thank the Lord for this very specific answer to the prayer request we sent to you and the way God accomplished it. Please continue to pray for Neusa because she battles several discouraging health problems.


  • The evangelistic service in the park went well. We’re hoping to continue doing this regularly.
  • Melissa’s Aunt and Uncle who are administrators with their mission board and several other administrators were in town and stayed with us this week. We had a great time with them and they gave us good counsel.
  • We had the opportunity to meet and talk for several hours with a young couple (Hawkins) who has a burden to plant churches in Rio. This is an answer to prayer for more laborers.

Prayer Requests

  • A Brazilian man from a sister church has been helping us with evangelism. He has donated a good sum of money for property for the church and we have begun looking. Please pray for God’s direction as far as purchasing property.
  • I’m developing an idea for how local pastors and Christian workers here in Brazil (Rio particularly) can help our friend who lives in the Amazon with theological training and construction. I hope to send a newsletter in September detailing our plans. Please pray for wisdom for this project.
  • Please pray for our evangelistic men’s and women’s meetings in September.
  • I’ve been invited to speak at a local church in Rio for their 25th anniversary. Pray that God would be honored and that this struggling church would be strengthened.
  • I’m thankful for my incredible wife. Please pray for strength for her as she has started school with our two oldest children and is involved in several other aspects of the ministry.

Love in Christ,

Brendan (BJ) for the Holmquists
Melissa, Myla, Ellie, Daniel, Flavia

Rua Corumbiara, 256 fundos
Rocha Miranda
21555-060 Rio de Janeiro, RJ
(517) 580-0704 (rings in Brazil)

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