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Paul Marsh Letter for August 2012

August 2012

Missionaries to the Spanish speaking people of South-eastern Tennessee

Dear praying friends,

We trust and pray that you are well both in body and spirit. We consider you to be our best friends and helpers. Our hearts are full of gratitude for your participation in our lives and in this work which really has eternal importance and value.

Our Spanish speaking church has experienced what some folks have called a “summer slump’ in attendance. Some families were absent last Sunday because of family vacations before school starts, others are working two jobs, but we thank God for the core of very faithful members who never miss a service for any reason. Thankfully there were two new men, one with his two daughters who came last Sunday. Please pray for spiritual and numerical growth in our church.

We had the joy of being in the Marsh Family reunion on the week end of July 15. We were in the Spanish speaking church pastored by our grandson Joel Marsh, Jr., In Tampa, Florida. And besides this I had the privilege of preaching to this great church. The church went out of their way to help Wilma and I celebrate our 62nd wedding anniversary. We enjoyed it all very much!

Now we are back in Harrison, witnessing to the lost and inviting them to visit our church where they can hear the glorious gospel of Christ. Pray for our health needs: Wilma suffers frequently from fibromyalgia, and I have atrial fibrillation and heart valves that don’t close as they should. We thank you from the depths of our hearts for your faithful prayers and support. Keep looking up! We believe our Savior will come soon.

P.O. Box 9215
Chattanooga, TN 37412

Home address:
6632 Compassion Lane
Harrison, TN 37341
Tel. 423-344-2312


Bob Dayton August 2012 Update

August 2012

Dear Pastor and friends in Christ,

I want to thank you for all of your faithful prayers and support for our ministry in Nicaragua.

As you can understand, the work of the Lord begins with a man of God. Recently, we had the privilege of completing the building of Bethany Baptist Church in the town of Laguna which is about 25 miles from Managua. But, the whole reason a building was needed was because Carlos, a graduate of the Bible Institute, felt God calling him to reach this area for the Lord. He has sacrificed to be the full time pastor, living off of $250.00 per month, but God has blessed his faithfulness.

The building was constructed by two teams, one from Kentucky and the other from South Carolina. These teams worked hard both on the building and outreach services. They also used some ingenuity to overcome a high roof and ladders that were too short. They built one out of bamboo and continued working. We greatly appreciated their hard work and dedication.

This year has brought many blessings. However, I count it a great reward that two churches were built this year that are both led by full time men. They have sacrificed, but are able to give all of their time to the work of the Lord. Thank you for all of your prayer and support. I count it a wonderful privilege to be your missionary here in Nicaragua.

Thank you,
Bob Dayton

Baptist International Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 9215
Chattanooga, TN 37412

Enfingers' July & August Report

July & August 2012

Greetings from Lamar and Dian Enfinger

Our latest projects were during July and August at Miracle Mountain Ranch in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania. This is a wonderful ranch for campers and for apprentices. Apprentices are graduates that live at the ranch for 1 or 2 years to gain credit for college by learning all the needs of a ranch which includes taking care of horses, working in the cafeteria, classes in Bible study, being counselors for the campers, and all the different needs of running a ranch while learning more about our Lord Jesus Christ and how they can be used in a mighty way by serving our Lord and seeking His will in their lives.

Each week in July was filled with different groups of campers. There was a lot of laughter, riding of the horses, and enjoying all the activities there. Many souls were saved and the some of the campers grew closer to the Lord. They seemed to enjoy being there so much. August was a month of graduating and lots of volunteers staying busy helping with construction.

The MMAP men stayed very busy. Lamar was coordinator of the MMAP men. His job was to keep materials supplied and work with the other men. They accomplished adding 2' of overhang on the roof area, boxed in the eaves, and built and hung two barn doors. They also made and built a book case in the Assembly Hall, built a 9' X 9' addition on the garage to house an air compressor. The final job was building a fence on two sides of the Ranch Cemetery.

We women did some proof reading for the paperwork for the graduates. It included checking all the scripture to make sure it was correctly written down and if the names of the graduates were spelled correctly.

We were blessed by our time there and was even able to stay in a caboose one Friday evening that had been converted into a motel room and the next day we rode on an old train that squealed and squeaked for an hour up and down the track. It was fun and the scenery was great. We also enjoyed the many beautiful deer running all around and the tiny little chipmunks.

How wonderful it is to be able to continue to serve our Lord in this capacity. Thanks so much for your support and especially all the prayers sent our way. Trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in JESUS, but to trust and obey.